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Milking Success:  Life after Ozanam

Kevin Garcia (Tobin ‘12) is the customer account manager for several milk brands—including soy milk, organic milk, Land-O Lakes and almond milk.  It’s a job that takes him across the country and brings him in contact with diverse customers.  According to Garcia, serving clients at Bread and Life during his freshmen year equipped him to get along with the assorted people he meets every day.  “[At Bread and Life] you’re dealing with everyone under the sun…I grew a thicker skin.”

According to Garcia, social justice and poverty alleviation – the major principles espoused by the Ozanam Scholars program – continue to shape his career choices.  His current client lends their support to various national hunger relief efforts and has a commitment to food security.  “I applied to them because they were a socially responsible company,” says Garcia, “It’s about giving people a hand up, not a hand out.”