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Internships are a wonderful way to gain career-related experience while in college. An internship is an on-site work experience either directly related to your major or your career interest. In today's highly competitive job market, a degree alone often is not enough to secure desired employment. Many employers are interested in graduates who possess hands-on, applicable work experience.

Internships at St. John's: Academic Credit or Paid?
Many different types of internships are available, including paid, solely academic and unpaid (with or without credit). All of them offer a wonderful learning experience.

Academic Internships (Credit)
Internships offered for academic credit require the approval of your school or college's academic department. Please view the academic internship contacts for more information for your college.

Paid Internships (Non-credit)
This type of internship is an opportunity for students (freshmen - senior) to integrate career-related experiences directly to their major field of study or career interest. Students gain valuable on-the-job work experience, develop new skills, apply knowledge gained from coursework, clarify career choices, and establish contacts and networks within an industry. The internships must emphasize intentional learning and be well-planned and structured by an on-site supervisor. The internship experience must contribute to the student's personal and professional development through challenging work assignments.

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Academic Internships 

Academic internships are done under the guidance and supervision of an appointed faculty member assigned within each particular major. Students participate in academic internships while they carry a full- or part-time student course load. Academic departments have specific guidelines and requirements that vary by major. The designated faculty member for the major determines if the internship opportunity meets the department's requirements with regard to the terms and conditions concerning hours required to work, compensation, academic-based assignments and grading system.

Academic Internship Contact Information
Please visit the links below for each of the respective colleges:

St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Christine Yang
(718) 990-1314
The School of Education 
Judith F McVarish
The Peter J. Tobin College of Business 
Renee Hughes
(718) 990-2154
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences 
Joseph Brocavich
(718) 990-1439
College of Professional Studies 
Dr. Robert Mangione
(718) 990-7341
Institute for Biotechnology
Dr. Somnath Pal
(718) 990-1633

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Recruit RED 

The On-Campus Recruiting Program is designed to bring employers and students together for internship and full-time job opportunities. It offers graduating students the opportunity to interview on and off campus with employers looking to hire St. John's graduates. Representatives from many organizations come from a variety of fields such as business, non-profit, government and education. The program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.  Undergraduate students can take part in this program beginning in their junior year. 

How to Get Involved

  • Attend a mandatory workshop. 
  • Have your resume approved and uploaded on Handshake (St. John's Recruiting Platform)
  • Sign the release form and return to University Career Services.

 How to Use the Program 

  • Access Handshake daily to submit resumes to companies recruiting on campus (pre-select) as well as for interviews off campus (resume drops) and to see if you've been selected for any on-campus interviews.
  • Check your e-mail daily to hear from employers and learn important program updates from the University Career Services.

How to Get the Most from the Program

  • Research each company you are interested in by clicking on the blue hyperlink/company name from the job description.
  • Attend open and closed information sessions when offered.
  • Schedule a mock interview
  • Arrive for your interview early and in proper interview attire.
  • Send a thank-you letter.

The organizations that participate are quite selective and the competition for positions is keen. Therefore, students are strongly encouraged to make use of University Career Service's job search programs and other services.

On-Campus Recruiting Cancellation Policy
It is expected that any student who schedules an interview with a company will honor that scheduled appointment. If a circumstance does arise that will prevent you from attending a scheduled interview, you should remove your name from the schedule before the sign-up deadline has passed.

If you must cancel a scheduled interview after the sign-up deadline has passed, you must call University Career Services. At that time, you must send a letter of apology to the employer with a copy to University Career Services. After two such cancellations, you will be suspended from the program.

No Shows 
Failure to appear for a scheduled interview will result in a suspension from the program.

In order to be reinstated into the program, you must make an appointment with University Career Services and bring with you a letter of apology to the employer you were scheduled to interview with indicating the reason for your missed interview.

If you should have a second no-show, you will be permanently removed from the program.

Unexcused absences and last-minute cancellations do not enhance your image with potential employers; neither do they reflect a positive image of St. John's University and the campus recruiting program. Your actions can jeopardize the entire recruiting program for future students. Thus, a strict policy regarding "no shows" and "cancellations" will be enforced for the protection of St. John's University students.

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Tips for Successful Internships