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US Culture for Job Seekers

What are some key differences between the US culture and other cultures for internship and job search?

Skill/Knowledge Required

US  Employer Expectations

Possible Differences with Other Cultures


Openly discuss your achievements in resume, when networking, interviewing and following-up. 

Citing achievements is boastful.


Take ownership of your internship or job search.

Find jobs through family or government.

Direct Communication

Share your opinion and provide examples or facts.  Be curious and ask questions.  Maintain good eye contact.

Be direct and making eye contact is disrespectful.


Taking an interest in the person you are speaking with is an important part of building relationships with potential employers.

Be polite and passive.

Research Industry and Company

Demonstrate interest in the company you are interested in by learning about the organization’s industry, products, services, locations and competitive landscape.

Research may indicate undesirable initiative or independence.

What are some resources I can use to adapt to the US culture?

Our St. John’s University mentoring programs provide comprehensive support for international students to successfully achieve college transition, life adjustment, cultural assimilation, academic excellence, and leadership and career development.  Below is a list of mentoring programs. Project A.I.M.: Asian Mentoring Program:

  • Project A.I.M.: International Mentoring Program
  • Project A.I.M.: General Body

For more information on the following mentoring programs please contact Multicultural Affairs, D’Angelo Center, Room 124, 718-900-5400, multicultural [email protected]

Where can I find a list of companies that have applied for H1B visas?

The following websites provide a list of employers that have applied for HIB visas.

  • GOINGLOBAL - Access GOINGLOBAL by going to MySJU and then click on the Career Services Tab
  • My Visa Jobs – Access by going to

For questions about obtaining work authorization as an F-1 student please contact the International Student & Scholar Services Office:
Location: St. Vincent Hall, Room B19
Phone: 718-990-6083
Email: [email protected]