Employee Directory

Last Name Starts With

Khalid Adriouch

Part-Time Faculty Math and Computer Science
St.John Hall
[email protected]

Eldad Afrahim

Adj Assistant Professor Clinical Pharmacy Practice
St.Albert Hall
[email protected]

Saurabh Agarwal

Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Sciences
St.Albert Hall 159
a[email protected] 718-990-3286 Ext. 3286

Pratibha Agdern

Assistant Lab Supervisor Pharmacy Administration and Public Health
St.Albert Hall SAL 134c
[email protected] 718-990-2940

Fedaling Agwumezie

Assistant Director Community Partnership Vincentian Institute for Social Action
Lourdes Hall
[email protected] 718-990-8323

Dohra K Ahmad

Professor English
St.John Hall Room B 40, C 15
[email protected] 718-990-5608

Ebtesam Ahmed

Clinical Professor Clinical Pharmacy Practice
St.Albert Hall
[email protected] 718-990-1998

Afolarin J Aiyedun

Assistant Professor Industry Pharmacy Administration and Public Health
St.Augustine Hall
[email protected] 718-990-1415

Daniel M Ajello

Part-Time Faculty Criminal Justice, Legal Studies and Homeland Security
Bent Hall
[email protected]

Mumtaz Akhtar

Part-Time Faculty Pharmaceutical Sciences
St.Albert Hall
[email protected] 718-990-5519

Harry Aklu

Technical Assistant I Printing & Distribution
Mac Donald Reserve Ctr
[email protected] 718-990-6144

Peter J Albano

Part-Time Faculty Philosophy
[email protected] 718-990-5149

Elizabeth Albert

Associate Professor ICS_Discover New York
St.John Hall Room B3A-9
[email protected] 718-990-2681