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Customize Your Curriculum

On St. John’s Staten Island campus, the academic traditions of the liberal arts and the practical applications of professional degrees go hand in hand. With four colleges united on a small campus, faculty and deans work together to make sure that barriers between colleges and majors are turned into pathways.

Academic flexibility is the hallmark of the Staten Island campus.  St. John’s students can connect and combine programs of study to suit their aspirations and career objectives.  Double majors and combined degrees make it easy for students to move between departments and even colleges. Minors in Social Justice, American Studies, New York Studies, and Women and Gender Studies give students an interdisciplinary education. 

The innovative Staten Island Alliance for Interdisciplinary Studies was founded in 2009 to bring together St. John’s faculty for collaborative teaching and research, often in concert with the campus’s civic engagement initiatives.  The Interdisciplinary Alliance also holds lectures and symposium that are designed to address pressing topics in social justice from multiple academic perspectives.

On the Staten Island campus, St. John’s students gain a distinctive, multi-disciplinary approach to learning that is the perfect recipe for success in the changing workplaces of tomorrow.