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About Sustainability

Responsiblity - Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

St. John's Sustainability Initiative (STJSI) exists to advance the university efforts for a sustainable future by working with administrative, staff, faculty, and students to provide knowledge, skills and motivation that will integrate sustainability responsibilities into construction of new facilities, operation of existing facilities and working / learning activities.

In 2007 President Rev. Donald J. Harrington, C.M. signed the "Mayoral Challenge for 30 in 10". In January 2008 the university established an office of sustainability within the Department of Facilities Services.

In February 2008 St. John's became the first university in NYC to present a plan to meet and exceed the Mayoral Challenge to reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent for all campuses. And, the plan shows the reduction in one half the time allotted.

In March 2008 the Office of Facilities Services hired its first group of student workers as Sustainability Coordinators. At an October 2008 press release,Mayor Bloomberg lauded St. John’s a “gold star”.

Achievements of the STJSI will always be a work in progress. The measurable efforts are tied to how well we can lower the impact on the environment and most importantly educating individuals who will take leadership in making the world more sustainable regardless of their chosen fields.

The most common measurable target categories for the STJSI are lowering our carbon footprint, conserving natural resources of water, trees and energy, and reduction of the use of paper and increased recycling.

In short, the STJSI employs the standard 3-Rs Reduce, Reuse & Recycle and adds one more, Responsibility.


Thomas M. Goldsmith
Director of Environmental and Energy Conservation
Department of Facilities Services
[email protected]

Joseph Costa
Sustainability Department Assistant
[email protected]