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Undergraduate Researcher

April 20, 2017

Single Molecule Conductance

Project Summary:
Nanotechnology research in our laboratory is focused on understanding how charge flows through different families of molecules and across the metal-molecule interface. We measure single molecule conductance in molecular junctions experimentally and use computational modelling of analogue systems to aid our understanding of nanoscale charge transport.

The ideal candidate is a Physics or Chemistry major (or undecided but leaning toward one of those disciplines) who is interested in fundamental scientific research, dedicated to her/his work, persistent in the face of challenging situations and adversity, and intellectually curious.

Job Responsibilities: TBD

Recruiting Information:
Level: Undergraduate
Year in Program: Any
Semesters Recruiting:
•    Fall
•    Spring
•    Freshman
•    Sophomore
•    Junior
•    Senior
Campus(es): Queens
Position Title: Undergraduate Researcher
Hours per Week: 10-12
Type of Position: Unpaid

Position Status: Open

Interested in this Job?

If you are interested in this research opportunity, contact Gina Florio at [email protected]