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Student Worker/Research Assistant

April 6, 2017

Neural processing of speech in typical and atypical language learners

Project Summary:
Research addresses questions related to the manner in which speech is recognized in auditory cortex and how the acoustic signals of spoken words that are transmitted as sound waves are recognized in auditory cortex and how the acoustic signals are then enhanced for linguistic processing (language comprehension). We test neuro-typical and neuro-atypical young adults. Experiments include both electrophysiological and behavioral methods.

Students with a cumulative GPA average of higher than 3.6 currently in a major that is associated with work in the field of Neuroscience of Speech and Language including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Psychology, Speech and Language Pathology and Audiology, Math/Computer Science. Limited positions available.

Job Responsibilities:
Responsibilities vary depending on current projects in the lab, but can include data entry, graphing data, creating files from computer scripts, creating R computer scripts and acquiring brain and behavioral data.

Recruting Information:
Level: Undergraduate
Year in Program: Not open to graduating seniors; sophomores preferred
Semesters Recruiting: Fall, Spring, Summer
Campus(es): Queens  
Hours per Week: 7 hour minimum
Type of Position: Unpaid

Position Status: Open

Interested in this Job?

If you are interested in this research opportunity, call Monica Wagner at 718-990-1935 or e-mail [email protected]