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Required Adjunct Faculty Training

March 20, 2014

The St. John’s University administration occasionally requires faculty to attend training that is either mandated by law or deemed legally necessary to protect the University.

Below is information about three online programs that adjunct faculty must complete to remain compliant with University policy. Electronic links for the programs are available so you can access each at a time and place convenient to you. All adjunct faculty are required to review the attached materials as part of their faculty responsibilities.  

Note: In order to satisfy this requirement, you must complete each program only once as an adjunct faculty member.

If you have completed an online session or attended a classroom session for any of the programs, and it is noted in your training profile, you are compliant for that program. To determine your status for each, you may access your training history by clicking the UIS tab in St. John’s Central. Detailed instructions are at the end of this memo.

If you have not already done so, you are required to complete all three programs within the next 45 days by reviewing the materials, video, and associated policies provided in this e-mail.

Active Shooter Preparedness 

Review of these materials should take no more than 25 minutes:

Related Program Materials
For your convenience, we are providing a PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentation that is featured in the video as well as a tip sheet that you may save for your information and future use.  

Emergency Readiness and Identifying and Responding to Students in Distress

Review of these materials should take no more than 20 minutes:

Acknowledgement Form for Active Shooter Preparedness and Emergency Readiness Training
Once you have completed the two programs above, you must complete and submit the below acknowledgement form to show that you have done so.

Sexual Harrassment and Discrimination Prevention

Review of these materials is estimated to take 30–45 minutes, and you may pause and restart at a later time if you cannot complete the training in a single session.

To access the program, click the link below, enter your St. John’s email address and create a password.  Once you have completed the course in its entirety, you will automatically receive a Certificate of Completion for your records. A record of your participation will be automatically generated  and kept on file by the University.

Program Link: Adjunct Faculty Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training
User Name: Your St. John’s University email address, e.g., [email protected]
Password: You will need to create a password. Be sure to remember the password you choose in the event that you need to access the program again.

Related University Policies:

We appreciate your cooperation and your commitment to St. John’s students. If you have any questions, please call 718-990-2330 or email [email protected].

To determine your status for each program, please access your training history by clicking on the UIS tab in St. John’s Central. Then follow these steps:

  1. Go to the UIS main menu
  2. Click “Select Here to Access”
  3. Click “Employee”
  4. Click “Employee Workshops”
  5. Click “HR Employee Training”
  6. Click “Training Profile” (located at the top right of the page in blue text)

Please note that for programs taken online, the completion date listed on your profile reflects the semester in which the information was added to Banner.