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Public Safety Advisory

February 19, 2015

A St. John’s student has informed the Department of Public Safety that he was the victim of larceny while inside the D’Angelo Center on February 18, 2015 at approximately 7:45 pm. The student reports he was approached by male #1 below who identified himself as “Jonathan” asking if the student was interested in obtaining a job. Male #1 stated that his father owned a furniture company and was looking to hire students to move furniture. Prior to being hired, male #1 informed the student that he needed to prepare an application, produce a credit/debit card and provide the PIN # so that direct deposit payments could be made to the students checking account once the student is hired. Male #2 below was with male #1 during this incident.

Shortly after leaving campus the student realized that a fraudulent check had been deposited into his checking account and currency was withdrawn without his permission. 

The New York City Police Department has been notified of this incident and is investigating.

Description of suspects:
Male  #1 (Jonathan) - Male, Black, early 20’s, 5’11”-6’ tall, thin build, goatee, medium length black hair, brown eyes, wearing a brown jacket, navy blue sweatpants w/polka dot design, brown Timberland boots, and a black hat.

Male #2 – Male, Black, early 20’s, 5’9”-5’10” tall, 190-200 Lbs, brown eyes, thin moustache,  wearing a navy blue coat and light blue jeans.

While we know it is never the victim’s fault, there are some things we can do to help protect ourselves. Public Safety would like to remind the university community to be cognizant of your surroundings when walking off campus and to walk with others whenever possible. If you are alone do not walk with headphones on. Immediately notify 911 and Public Safety as soon as possible after an incident. Similarly, if you observe any type of suspicious activity immediately notify 911 and Public Safety.