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People Management: Managing for Success - scheduled for October 24, 2017

October 17, 2017

Are you fully transitioned to your role as manager or do you still approach your work like an individual contributor? Are you a manager who spends more time doing vs. leading? Research data shows almost 50% of all managers still function as individual contributors. This takes away from their effectiveness as managers of a team. Your job as manager is to build successful relationships with your team, and develop them to reach higher levels of performance. This workshop in the People Management Series is intended to challenge the way you think about managing. Learn how to: know yourself; understand your role as a manager – the functional, management, and leadership aspects; how you act, that is, your behavioral style; understand what motivates others; how to manage and motivate different styles; the strengths, triggers and weaknesses of different styles; understand how to get work done through others; learn communication that empowers; and how to delegate to others for growth and development.

The workshop is held on Tuesday, October 24, 2017 from 8:45am to 1:00pm.

Register for the Queens Campus - University Center, Suite D