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Migration, Health and Social Inequalities: A Transnational, Activist Research Project

September 25, 2017

Migration, Health and Social Inequalities: A Transnational, Activist Research Project

Project Summary
Migration processes negatively affect the physical and mental health of migrants and their relatives generating a public health impact in sending, transit and receiving communities. The increasingly precarious and dangerous conditions of migration journeys and the growing hostility against immigrants in transit and receiving countries have further deteriorated health outcomes as a whole. The health inequalities of migrant populations are unquestionably on the rise, yet migration and health policies lack synching, and the link between health and migration is still too far from becoming a required part of health professionals’ training and praxis, a public priority, or common knowledge among migrant populations. This project studies how migration, health and social inequalities intertwine from an interdisciplinary, transnational and applied perspective.

We are looking for proactive, interested students with several skills as we have a few tasks to work on. If you have any of these skills, please get in touch with us!

  • Spanish speaker (advanced or native) - for translation and transcriptions
  • Art, graphic design - to work on a super-cool project!
  • Students who took a Research Methodologies class - and are eager to do research!
  • Students who took Statistics - and love it!

Job Responsibilities:

Depending on your skill-set, you will be asked to:

  • Translate
  • Transcribe
  • Draw
  • Design
  • Do qualitative interviews
  • Work with some quantitative data

Recruiting Information

Level: Undergraduate
Year in Program: Graduate students are also welcome!
Semesters Recruiting: Fall and Spring
Year: Junior, Senior
Campus(es): Queens, Manhattan, Rome
Position Title: Research Assistant
Hours per Week: 3-8
Type of Position: Unpaid

Position Status: Open

Interested in this Job?

If you are interested in this research opportunity, contact Roberta Villalon at [email protected]