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Jeannette K. Wallace Fellowship Alumnae

St. John’s University students continue to enjoy extraordinary academic, cultural, and professional development opportunities as recipients of the...

Jasmine Mbadugha
“Trust the process. There are many ways to reach your goal.”
Vanessa M. Naimoli
After a decade of success as a research scientist in the pharmaceuticals industry, Vanessa M. Naimoli ’01C, ’04G left the laboratory for a more personal role in health care.
Despina Siolas, Ph.D.
An oncologist at NYU Langone Medical Center, Despina Siolas, Ph.D., M.D., began her journey toward a career in medicine nearly 20 years ago at St. John’s University.
Marc A. D'Aprile
Even though he majored in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology at St. John’s, Marc A. D'Aprile believes the course that made the biggest impact on his life—and his career—was theology.
Chidozie Ibeabuchi
“St. John’s has relationships with every professional sports league, so no matter your interest, the University can steer you toward an internship with a team or league that makes sense.”
Sandra M. Echols

Sandra M. Echols ’11 M.L.S. has quite a diverse array of experience and education, but what unifies her professional philosophy as a librarian and scholar is a commitment to seeing and serving...

JohnAnthony DiMaria ’17CPS
“Studying abroad was a great opportunity to put what I’ve been learning in the classroom at St. John’s into a real-world setting.”
Ann Cranston-Gingras, Ph.D. ’80Ed

A small book of African poems has had a place in the home of Dr. Cranston-Gingras since her days at St. John’s. A gift from a beloved professor from The School of Education, the book bears a...

Michael Benjamin ’16C, ’17G
“My feeling is that the Fulbright will open doors I don’t even know exist. I’m open to whatever comes my way.”
Madhuparna Chakraborty

As a seventh-grade student in India, Madhuparna Chakraborty ‘17G volunteered to assist cerebral palsy patients at a local hospital near her home in Kolkata, India, and realized how much research...

Thomas Berman ’12MBA

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it to happen, and others make it happen!” This quote, from Hall of Fame basketball player Michael Jordan, is a favorite of Thomas Berman...