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Success Stories

Raymond P. Donovan ’93CPS
Years before he oversaw the dramatic capture of drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán while working as an agent for the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Raymond P. Donovan ’93CPS was a freshman at St. John’s University, pondering a career as a pharmacist.
Shawn Moynihan ’91SVC

The first reporting job Shawn Moynihan ’91SVC ever held sparked a passion for journalism that took him to great heights and interesting places. A native of Staten Island, NY, Mr. Moynihan attended...

Shannon Luibrand ’14CPS at CBS This Morning desk

Shannon Luibrand ’14CPS can trace a direct path from her days as a journalism major at St. John’s University to her current position at CBS News, producing...

Katie Honan '07CPS

When journalists across the nation were eagerly hoping to be the first to report exactly where e-commerce giant,, would set up its second headquarters, it was Katie Honan ’07CPS who...

Rick Jefferson ‘83SVC

Sitting in his well-appointed midtown Manhattan office at CBS News, Rick Jefferson ’83SVC is surrounded by a treasure trove of historic memorabilia from virtually every major news event spanning...

Chris Ruddy '87C

When President Ronald Reagan accepted the University’s invitation to come to the Queens, NY, campus in 1985 to receive an honorary Doctor of Laws degree, Chris Ruddy ’87C was waiting in the VIP...

Liz Faublas ’91SVC

Reflecting upon her two decades-long career in the largest media market in the country, Liz Faublas ’91SVC credits St. John’s for teaching her the “art of communication.” The Brooklyn, NY, native...

Glynis Johns

 Ms. Johns has secured a grant from the Willary Foundation—a family foundation dedicated to developing ideas and projects that are interesting, creative and...

Emmanuel Emery

The various disciplines of the sport industry are so vast, that given the perfect mix of passion, opportunity, determination, and planning one can tailor-make any career path to revolve around...

Malisa Heard ’18C
“Go after what you want without worrying too much about the obstacles,” Malisa advised. “Barriers will come down if you are tenacious enough.”
Jasjit Kaur Multani and Professor Hochstein
Jasjit Kaur Multani, M.P.H., M.L.S.(ASCP)CM, ’12P prefers to learn by doing. As a result, when she was reviewing potential college programs, the practical aspects of the Bachelor of Science degree program in Clinical Laboratory Sciences (CLS) in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences attracted her attention.
Teagan Sweet and Evelyn (Eve) Austin
“Service is one of my major passions,” she said. “In the future, I hope to perform research in chemistry that touches people’s lives. Research is just one way I love to help people.”