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We Appreciate Our Most Generous Donors

The ongoing commitment of our donors to the values and ideals upon which St. John’s University is based reflects the enduring importance of St. John’s in their lives. It is a wonderful testament to their desire to show their appreciation to the University that has done so much for them, and for so many others.

St. John’s would not be what it is today without the generosity of the alumni and friends who share their resources with us. Every donor has a personal reason for giving, one that is uniquely his or her own. Some are committed to supporting athletics, others make gifts to enhance a particular campus or academic program and still others feel an affinity to a specific scholarship or fund. Yet whatever their motivation or interest, they all share the conviction that the University holds a singular place among their charitable goals.

The donors listed are among the University’s most generous. Their gifts allow us to continue to nurture our students by providing them with an academic, spiritual and cultural environment that is uniquely St. John’s. We are grateful for their exceptional generosity.