Summer Session Undergraduate Courses for Visiting Students

Full TermOnline Learning439930926ACCOUNTING INTERNSHIP I3 
Full TermQueens Campus440031012ACCOUNTING INTERNSHIP II3 
Full TermQueens Campus414030093TRANSITION TO THE CLINICAL LAB2MTWRF0900 - 1600 
Full TermQueens Campus420130169CLINICAL EMER MED ROTATION3 
Full TermQueens Campus420230170CLIN OBSTETRICS/GYNECOLOGY RO3 
Full TermQueens Campus420330171CLINICAL ORTHOPEDICS ROTATION3 
Full TermQueens Campus420430172CLINICAL PEDIATRICS ROTATION3 
Full TermQueens Campus420530164CLINICAL PRIMARY CARE 1 ROTATI3 
Full TermQueens Campus420630165CLINICAL ELECTIVE ROTATION3 
Full TermQueens Campus420730166CLINICAL SURGICAL ROTATION3 
Full TermQueens Campus420830167CLINICAL GERIATRICS ROTATION3 
Full TermQueens Campus420930173CLINICAL PRIMARY CARE 2 ROTATI3 
Full TermQueens Campus421030168CLINICAL INTERNAL MED ROTATION3 
Full TermQueens Campus540730042AMBULATORY CARE CLERKSHIP3 
Full TermQueens Campus540830039ELECTIVE II CLERKSHIP3 
Full TermQueens Campus540930043ELECTIVE III CLERKSHIP3 
Full TermQueens Campus541030174ELECTIVE IV CLERKSHIP3 
Full TermQueens Campus541130275SUMMER EXPERIENTIAL ROTATION0 
Full TermQueens Campus541330276APPE - ADVANCED COMMUNITY PHAR3 
Full TermQueens Campus541430277GENERAL INPATIENT CARE3 
Full TermQueens Campus541530278SPECIALTY INPATIENT CARE3 
Full TermQueens Campus541731412AMBULATORY CARE II3 
Full TermQueens Campus439930341ECONOMICS INTERNSHIP3 
Full TermQueens Campus439930045FINANCE INTERNSHIP3 
Full TermQueens Campus440030616INTERNSHIP II3 
Full TermQueens Campus439930196MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP3 
Full TermQueens Campus439930448MARKETING INTERNSHIP3 
Full TermQueens Campus304031333PSYCHOLOGY RESEARCH LAB 13MR0930 - 1215 
Full TermQueens Campus304131000PSYCHOLOGY RESEARCH LAB 23W0930 - 1130 
Full TermQueens Campus304131334PSYCHOLOGY RESEARCH LAB 23MR0930 - 1215 
Full TermQueens Campus495331404IND STUDY: PARENTING RESEARCH3 
Full TermQueens Campus112930592CLINICAL EDUCATION SUMMER4 
Full TermQueens Campus115030505CLINICAL EDUCATION SUMMER I0 
Pre-SessionOnline Learning201131119SERIAL KILLERS & THEIR VICTIMS3 
Pre-SessionOnline Learning100631212FASHION MARKETING3 
Summer Session 1Manhattan Campus439930288INTERNSHIP IN RISK MGT3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning100730825FUNDAMENTALS OF ACCOUNTING I3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning232030927FUNDAMENTALS OF ACCOUNTING3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning337331165INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING III3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning435831166SUSTAINABILITY ACC & REPORTING3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning1000C30083THE CREATIVE PROCESS3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning108530304INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOGRAPHY3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning100130635LAW AND BUSINESS3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning233330669MODERN STATISTICS I3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning233430671MODERN STATISTICS II3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning419631415INTERNSHIP1 
Summer Session 1Online Learning439931416INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning111030441INTRO TO GEN & ORG CHEMISTRY4 
Summer Session 1Online Learning1111L30443INTRO TO GEN & ORG CHEM LAB0 
Summer Session 1Online Learning1112R30442INTRO-GEN & ORG CHE RECITATION0 
Summer Session 1Online Learning121030679GENERAL CHEMISTRY5 
Summer Session 1Online Learning1211L30680GENERAL CHEMISTRY LAB0 
Summer Session 1Online Learning1212R30681GENERAL CHEMISTRY RECITATION0 
Summer Session 1Online Learning122030218GENERAL CHEMISTRY II5 
Summer Session 1Online Learning1221L30219GENERAL CHEMISTRY II LAB0 
Summer Session 1Online Learning1222R30220GENERAL CHEM II RECITATION0 
Summer Session 1Online Learning223030004ORGANIC CHEMISTRY5 
Summer Session 1Online Learning2231L30005ORGANIC CHEMISTRY LAB0 
Summer Session 1Online Learning310131187INTERNATIONAL COMM: EUROPE3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning495331432IND STDY:INTRO COMP & DATA SCI1 
Summer Session 1Online Learning100131213PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS I3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning20030584NYS SAFETY EDUCATION WORKSHOP0 
Summer Session 1Online Learning20030596NYS SAFETY EDUCATION WORKSHOP0 
Summer Session 1Online Learning20030597NYS SAFETY EDUCATION WORKSHOP0 
Summer Session 1Online Learning20030599NYS SAFETY EDUCATION WORKSHOP0 
Summer Session 1Online Learning20030598NYS SAFETY EDUCATION WORKSHOP0 
Summer Session 1Online Learning100630556EFFECTIVE BUSINESS WRITING3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning105430637TRAGEDY AND COMEDY3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning206030305STUDY OF AMERICAN LITERATURE3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning231031346FOUNDATIONS OF FINANCE3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning331230338INVESTMENTS3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning1000C30484CORE: ENGLISH COMPOSITION3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning1000C30558CORE:EMERGENCE  GLOBAL SOCIETY3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning104431105WW II & CENTURY OF TOTAL WAR3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning490331124INTERNSHIP IN HISTORY3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning490630698INTERNSHIP IN HISTORY6 
Summer Session 1Online Learning100731365SECURITY INVESTIGATIONS3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning107331195SUBSTANCE ABUSE3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning334130951PRINCIPLES OF INT'L BUSINESS3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning495331403IND STUDY:EROS/MEDIEVAL CULTUR3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning100330824FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning230131280MANAGE & ORGANIZATION BEHAVIOR3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning432231002MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning432930537STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning100330577INTRO TO COLLEGE MATH I3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning101330058PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS I3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning101030834INTRODUCTION TO MUSIC3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning1000C30034CORE:PHILOSOPHY HUMAN PERSON3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning1000C30032CORE:PHILOSOPHY HUMAN PERSON3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning2200C30016CORE: ETHICS3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning3000C30898CORE: METAPHYSICS3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning3000C30897CORE: METAPHYSICS3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning3000C30292CORE: METAPHYSICS3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning161031133COLLEGE PHYSICS I4 
Summer Session 1Online Learning1611L31134COLLEGE PHYSICS I LAB0 
Summer Session 1Online Learning1612R31135COLLEGE PHYSICS I RECITATION0 
Summer Session 1Online Learning2070C31316CHILD PSYCHOLOGY3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning210531429ADVD RAD PROTECTION & RAD BIO3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning212431430INTRO TO QUALITY ASSURANCE1 
Summer Session 1Online Learning130131367PRINCIPLES OF RISK MANAGEMENT3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning1000C31159INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning1010C31145CORE: SPANISH LEVEL I3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning1000C31295CORE: PUBLIC SPEAKING COLL STU3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning1000C30490CORE: PUBLIC SPEAKING COLL STU3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning101031122SPEAKING FOR SUCCESS3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning103330489SPORT ETHICS & SOCIAL JUSTICE3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning1000C30896CORE: PERS. ON CHRISTIANITY3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning104530033CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning105030638RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning220030506THE MYSTERY OF GOD3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning221030648PERSPECTIVES ON THE CHURCH3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning232030318INTRO CATHOLIC SOCIAL TCHG3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning330031156MORAL THEOLOGY OF HEALTH CARE3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning330530337MORAL THEO OF THE MARKETPLACE3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning393031154RELIGION AND PSYCHOLOGY3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning140030838MOTION PICTURE INDUSTRY PRAC3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus300030063ADMIN STUDIES INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus500130076ADVERTISING INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus500430067ADVERTISING INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus4918X30013INTERNSHIP6 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus4918Z30458INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus495330703INDEPENDENT STUDY3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus495530620INTERNSHIP IN BIOLOGY I2 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus435130084RESEARCH PARTICIPATION3T1300 - 1500 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus490330177CHEMISTRY INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus500130426MASS COMMUNICATION INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus500230427MASS COMMUNICATION INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus500230317MASS COMMUNICATION INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus500330065MASS COMMUNICATION INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus500430066MASS COMMUNICATION INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus108130325INDEPENDENT STUDY1 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus500030022CRIMINAL JUSTICE INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus500130040INVESTIGATIVE INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus119130001COMPUTER SCIENCE INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus119230052COMPUTER SCIENCE INTERNSHIP6 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus490330323ENVIRON STUDIES INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus490330038INTERNSHIP-FIELDWORK3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus100930614INTERNSHIP HOMELAND SECURITY I3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus109330187IND. STUDY-HOSPITALITY MGMT.3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus109430180INTERNSHIP:HOSPITALITY MGT I3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus109530060INTERNSHIP: HOSPITALITY MGT II3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus102330053INTRN IN INST HEALTH CARE ADM3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus102430215INTSP IN INST HLTH CARE ATM6 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus102530301INTERNSHIP IN HLTH SVCS ORGS3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus108131024GERONTOLOGY INTERNSHIP6 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus108230035CHILD ADVOCACY INTERNSHIP6 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus108330036CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY INTERNSHIP6 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus108530037CHILDCARE INTERNSHIP6 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus500130071JOURNALISM INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus500230829JOURNALISM INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus500330195JOURNALISM INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus500430830JOURNALISM INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus100530024LEGAL STUDIES INTERNSHIP I3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus100630023LEGAL STUDIES INTERNSHIP II3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus440030611INTERNSHIP II3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus410531243DRUGS & INFECTIOUS DISEASES4MTWR0800 - 1045 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus410931244D&D:SKIN, CONNECT TISSUE &MISC3MTWR1130 - 1330 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus210131413PUBLIC HEALTH FOR THE PHARM D3MTWR0900 - 1100 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus210131089PUBLIC HEALTH FOR THE PHARM D3MTWR0900 - 1100 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus230131245BIOMEDICAL LABORATORY I0TWR1115 - 1405 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus230130981BIOMEDICAL LABORATORY I0TWR1430 - 1720 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus230131426BIOMEDICAL LABORATORY I1TWR1115 - 1405 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus350530048CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY2MW0800 - 1100 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus350630012INTRO TO INFECTIOUS DISEASES2TR0800 - 1100 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus360330987PHARMACEUTICS II FOR PHARM D4MTWR1105 - 1350 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus360430989PHARMACY PRACTICE LAB II1MTWR1430 - 1720 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus500130082PUBLIC RELATIONS INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus500130342PUBLIC RELATIONS INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus500230343PUBLIC RELATIONS INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus500330068PUBLIC RELATIONS INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus212831080CLINICAL EDUCATION IV3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus213231077REGISTRY REVIEW3MTWR0900 - 1100 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus213331078COMPUTERS  RAD SCI/DIGITAL RAD1MW1300 - 1430 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus495330491INDEPENDENT STUDY3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus100730234INTERNSHIP - SPORT MANAGEMENT6 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus102130235INTERNSHIP- SPORT MANAGEMENT9 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus130130221INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus130230222INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus130330223INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus130430224INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus130530225INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus130630226INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus500130069TELEVISION INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus500230070FILM INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus500330431TVF INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Staten Island Campus500130333MASS COMMUNICATION INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Staten Island Campus500230334MASS COMMUNICATION INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Staten Island Campus500330335MASS COMMUNICATION INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Staten Island Campus500330326PAROLE & PROBATION INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Staten Island Campus490330472INTERNSHIP-FIELDWORK3 
Summer Session 1Staten Island Campus109330238IND. STUDY-HOSPITALITY MGMT.3 
Summer Session 1Staten Island Campus109430239INTERNSHIP:HOSPITALITY MGT I3 
Summer Session 1Staten Island Campus109530240INTERNSHIP: HOSPITALITY MGT II3 
Summer Session 1Staten Island Campus100530029LEGAL STUDIES INTERNSHIP I3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning337330998INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING III3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning439930474ACCOUNTING INTERNSHIP I3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning436031167FRAUD EXAMINATION3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning101031157INTRO TO ANTHRO: CULTURAL3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning105030449HUMAN BIOLOGY3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning233430667MODERN STATISTICS II3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning419731417INTERNSHIP1 
Summer Session 2Online Learning240130186NEW MEDIA3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning200231407POLICE AND THE COMMUNITY3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning200430578AMERICAN CORRECTIONAL SYSTEMS3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning104030843WRITING FOR BUSINESS3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning107731336TONI MORRISON: SELECTED NOVELS3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning1100C30284CORE:LITERATURE IN GLOBAL CONT3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning221030842STUDY OF BRITISH LITERATURE3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning371030664INTRO TO CREATIVE WRITING3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning331630586FUND OF CAPITAL & MONEY MKTS3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning1000C30515CORE: ENGLISH COMPOSITION3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning1010C31326CORE:CONTEMPORARY GOVERNMENT3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning101631106CONTEMPORARY WORLD ISSUES3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning103031107HIS OF IMMIGRATION IN THE U.S.3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning101930642HOMELAND SEC INTEL/COUNTER TER3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning206531300ARGUMENTATION: INQ & ADVOCACY3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning107431196BEHAVIORAL HLTH IN  COMMUNITY3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning1000C30676CORE: LANG & CULT/ ARABIC3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning1000C31144CORE: LANG & CULT: SPANISH3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning100131219PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT I3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning432931279STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning100130446PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning100230826FUND OF ADVRTSNG & SALES PROMO3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning331131392CONSUMER BEHAVIOR3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning100330837INTRO TO COLLEGE MATH I3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning100431197INTRO TO COLLEGE MATH II3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning101430650PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS II3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning102130282INTRODUCTION TO STATISTICS3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning132030009CALCULUS WITH BUS APPLICATIONS3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning102031256SOUNDSCAPE OF AMERICAN POP CLT3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning1000C30538CORE:PHILOSOPHY HUMAN PERSON3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning2200C30507CORE: ETHICS3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning2200C30899CORE: ETHICS3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning3000C30213CORE: METAPHYSICS3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning3000C30557CORE: METAPHYSICS3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning106031140INTRODUCTION TO ASTRONOMY3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning220030851ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning227031315HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning228030853INTRO TO SPORT PSYCHOLOGY3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning206031238ARGUMENTATION: INQ & ADVOCACY3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning1000C31102SCI:  BIO HEALTH & DISEASE3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning100230031SOCIOLOGY OF INSTITUTIONS3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning1000C31239CORE: PUBLIC SPEAKING COLL STU3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning1000C30643CORE: PUBLIC SPEAKING COLL STU3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning1000C31237CORE: PUBLIC SPEAKING COLL STU3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning100430827MANAGERIAL ASPECTS SPORT MGT3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning101831200SPORT COMMUNICATION3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning102031222GOSPELS OF MATT, MARK & LUKE3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning105430822CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHICAL THEOLO3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning220031153THE MYSTERY OF GOD3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning220530836JESUS IN CHRISTIAN FAITH3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning232030508INTRO CATHOLIC SOCIAL TCHG3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning240030647CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALITY & MYST3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning330031151MORAL THEOLOGY OF HEALTH CARE3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning330530646MORAL THEO OF THE MARKETPLACE3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning150730839INTERNATIONAL CINEMA3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning230131189SCREENWRITING: TELEVISION3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus300030064ADMIN STUDIES INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus4918Y30014INTERNSHIP6 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus300030559FUND OF BIO III-ORGANISMIC BIO3MTWR0855 - 1100 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus3001L30560FUNDAMENTALS OF BIO III LAB1MTW1130 - 1430 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus495330003RESEARCH IN BIOLOGY2 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus495430813RESEARCH IN BIOLOGY2 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus495630968INTERNSHIP IN BIOLOGY II2 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus110031289COLLEGE CHEMISTRY3MTR1000 - 1200 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus1102R30818COLLEGE CHEMISTRY RECITATION0W1000 - 1200 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus112030444INTRO GEN & ORGANIC CHEM II4MTWR0830 - 1030 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus1121L30447INTRO-GEN & ORG CHEM II LAB0MW1130 - 1450T1300 - 1620 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus1122R31065INTRO-GEN & ORG CHEM II REC0TR1040 - 1240 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus1122R30445INTRO-GEN & ORG CHEM II REC0TR1040 - 1240 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus122030006GENERAL CHEMISTRY II5MTWR0830 - 1030 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus1221L30007GENERAL CHEMISTRY II LAB0MTW1300 - 1620 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus1222R31291GENERAL CHEM II RECITATION0MW1040 - 1240 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus1222R30008GENERAL CHEM II RECITATION0TR1040 - 1240 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus132031100ADVANCED GENERAL CHEMISTRY II3MTWR0830 - 1030 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus224030280ORGANIC CHEMISTRY II5MTWR0830 - 1030 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus2241L30295ORGANIC CHEMISTRY II LAB0TWR1130 - 1540 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus435130197RESEARCH PARTICIPATION3T1300 - 1500 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus490330554CHEMISTRY INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus495330553INDEPENDENT STUDY3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus500130428MASS COMMUNICATION INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus500230331MASS COMMUNICATION INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus500230429MASS COMMUNICATION INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus500030089CRIMINAL JUSTICE INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus500130090INVESTIGATIVE INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus109130483COMP SECURITY SYS INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus119130324COMPUTER SCIENCE INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus490330555ENVIRON STUDIES INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus490630622INTERNSHIP-FIELDWORK6 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus491330470INTERNSHIP - FIELDWORK3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus490330800INTERNSHIP IN HISTORY3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus490330677INTERNSHIP IN HISTORY3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus495330632INDEPENDENT STUDY3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus101230615INTERN HOMELAND SECURITY II3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus109330214IND. STUDY-HOSPITALITY MGMT.3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus109430061INTERNSHIP:HOSPITALITY MGT I3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus109530062INTERNSHIP: HOSPITALITY MGT II3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus102330056INTRN IN INST HEALTH CARE ADM3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus102430021INTSP IN INST HLTH CARE ATM6 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus102530302INTERNSHIP IN HLTH SVCS ORGS3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus108830057CHEM DEPENDNCY & FAMILY INTERN6 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus1020C31142CORE: ITALIAN LEVEL II3MTWR1040 - 1240 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus500130073JOURNALISM INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus500230081JOURNALISM INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus500330831JOURNALISM INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus500330909JOURNALISM INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus500430910JOURNALISM INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus500430832JOURNALISM INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus411130991D&D:CARDIO/RENAL SYSTEMS II3MTWR0800 - 1000 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus411231019DRUGS & DISEASES / NERVOUS SYS4MTWR1030 - 1315 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus220130011BIOPHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTRY4MTWR1110 - 1355 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus330331411BIOMEDICAL LABORATORY III1TWR0900 - 1150 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus351030019GEN PATH & CLINICAL LAB DATA3MTWR0800 - 1000 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus460230163BIOPHA & BASIC PHARMACOKINETIC3MTWR1330 - 1530 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus162031137COLLEGE PHYSICS II4MTWR1010 - 1210 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus1621L31138COLLEGE PHYSICS II LAB0MTR0800 - 1000 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus1622R31139COLLEGE PHYSICS II RECITATION0MTR1220 - 1259 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus500130344PUBLIC RELATIONS INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus500130296PUBLIC RELATIONS INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus500230345PUBLIC RELATIONS INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus500330072PUBLIC RELATIONS INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus212831081CLINICAL EDUCATION IV3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus490330492INTERN RHETORIC/PUBLIC ADDRESS3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus1020C31147CORE: SPANISH LEVEL II3MTWR0830 - 1030 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus2040C31148CORE:INTERMED SPANISH CONV3MTWR1040 - 1240 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus100730236INTERNSHIP - SPORT MANAGEMENT6 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus102130237INTERNSHIP- SPORT MANAGEMENT9 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus105331072PRACTICUM IN ATHLETIC COACHING3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus130130227INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus130230228INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus130330229INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus130430230INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus130530231INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus130630232INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus500130087TELEVISION INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus500230088FILM INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Staten Island Campus495330478INDEPENDENT STUDY3 
Summer Session 2Staten Island Campus491330473INTERNSHIP - FIELDWORK3 
Summer Session 2Staten Island Campus109330298IND. STUDY-HOSPITALITY MGMT.3 
Summer Session 2Staten Island Campus109430299INTERNSHIP:HOSPITALITY MGT I3 
Summer Session 2Staten Island Campus109530300INTERNSHIP: HOSPITALITY MGT II3 
Summer Session 2Staten Island Campus100631071LEGAL STUDIES INTERNSHIP II3