Summer Session Graduate Courses for Visiting Students

Full TermLong Island Graduate Center555531292DATA MGT & ACC IN HIGHER ED.3M1945 - 2145 
Full TermLong Island Graduate Center570131298CRIT ANAL & REV OF RES IN ED3W1945 - 2145 
Full TermLong Island Graduate Center598031295DOCTORAL RESEARCH SEMINAR I3M1945 - 2145 
Full TermLong Island Graduate Center700431294ESSENT READ TWENTIETH CENTURYQ3M1730 - 1930 
Full TermLong Island Graduate Center721131299EDU RES & DATA ANALYSIS II3W1730 - 1930 
Full TermLong Island Graduate Center721130863EDU RES & DATA ANALYSIS II3S0800 - 1215 
Full TermLong Island Graduate Center790031297QUALITATIVE RESEARCH IN CURRIC3S1230 - 1645 
Full TermLong Island Graduate Center790231296ADVANCED QUALITATIVE RES IN ED3M1730 - 1930 
Full TermManhattan Campus555431302GLOBAL STUDIES IN HIGHER EDU3T1945 - 2145 
Full TermManhattan Campus570131301CRIT ANAL & REV OF RES IN ED3W1945 - 2145 
Full TermManhattan Campus570131321CRIT ANAL & REV OF RES IN ED3M1730 - 1930 
Full TermManhattan Campus579131322LEG ASPECTS IN MGT & ADM OF SC3M1945 - 2145 
Full TermManhattan Campus721131324EDU RES & DATA ANALYSIS II3M1730 - 1930 
Full TermManhattan Campus741231325TEACH CREAT PROB SOLV GIFT&TAL3M1945 - 2145 
Full TermManhattan Campus790131303ADVANCED EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH3T1730 - 1930 
Full TermManhattan Campus790131323ADVANCED EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH3W1730 - 1930 
Full TermManhattan Campus60531547INTERNSHIP IN ERM3 
Full TermManhattan Campus60631458INTERNSHIP IN ERM I1 
Full TermManhattan Campus69931501RMI INTERNSHIP3 
Full TermOff-Campus56831370CLINIC PRACT - SPE LANG PATH1R1500 - 1730R1600 - 1830 
Full TermOff-Campus56831371CLINIC PRACT - SPE LANG PATH1F1500 - 1700F1500 - 1700F1500 - 1600
Full TermOff-Campus56830620CLINIC PRACT - SPE LANG PATH1M1600 - 1900F0900 - 1400 
Full TermOff-Campus57030201CLINICAL INSTRUCTION AUDIOLOGY1T2000 - 2100T2000 - 2100T2000 - 2100
Full TermOff-Campus700431264ESSENT READ TWENTIETH CENTURYQ3W1730 - 1930 
Full TermOff-Campus790031285QUALITATIVE RESEARCH IN CURRIC3W1945 - 2145 
Full TermOff-Campus901031578LING TCH OF ENG LANG EXCEP LRN3MTWF1330 - 1730MTWRF1330 - 1730M1330 - 1730
Full TermOff-Campus971131577ED ACCOM NEEDS IND W EXC K-123MTWF0830 - 1230MTWRF0830 - 1230M0830 - 1230
Full TermOnline Learning105T31144MASTER'S THESIS DEFENSE0 
Full TermOnline Learning394031122MAINTAIN MATRICULATION LIT PHD0 
Full TermOnline Learning565031556SCHOOL BASED DATA ANALYSIS3 
Full TermOnline Learning766530337LDRSHP INSTRUCTIONAL TECH I3 
Full TermOnline Learning26931504INTERNSHIP3 
Full TermOnline Learning77231418SCHOOL NEUROPSY ASSESSMENT3 
Full TermQueens Campus60530768INTERNSHIPS ACC /ASSUR /ADV3 
Full TermQueens Campus60630769INTERNSHIP: ACC/ASSUR/ADV I1 
Full TermQueens Campus95031559DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Full TermQueens Campus79131566DATA MIN & PRED ANALYT INTERN1 
Full TermQueens Campus79131567DATA MIN & PRED ANALYT INTERN1 
Full TermQueens Campus394031121MAINTAIN MATRICULATION LIT PHD0 
Full TermQueens Campus570131260CRIT ANAL & REV OF RES IN ED3T1700 - 1900 
Full TermQueens Campus598031426DOCTORAL RESEARCH SEMINAR I3M1700 - 1900 
Full TermQueens Campus598031262DOCTORAL RESEARCH SEMINAR I3T1910 - 2110 
Full TermQueens Campus631030623PRACT MENTAL HLTH COUNSEL3R1845 - 2145 
Full TermQueens Campus631130624INTRN MNTL HLTH COUNSEL I3W1845 - 2145 
Full TermQueens Campus700531256CULTURALLY REL PEDAGOGY & CURR3M1700 - 1900 
Full TermQueens Campus741231257TEACH CREAT PROB SOLV GIFT&TAL3M1910 - 2110 
Full TermQueens Campus771531261ISSUES & CURRIC/THEORY & DEVEL3T1910 - 2110 
Full TermQueens Campus790131263ADVANCED EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH3T1700 - 1900 
Full TermQueens Campus790131258ADVANCED EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH3T1700 - 1900 
Full TermQueens Campus790231425ADVANCED QUALITATIVE RES IN ED3M1910 - 2110 
Full TermQueens Campus790231259ADVANCED QUALITATIVE RES IN ED3T1910 - 2110 
Full TermQueens Campus790231254ADVANCED QUALITATIVE RES IN ED3M1700 - 1900 
Full TermQueens Campus798031255DOCTORAL RESEARCH SEMINAR I3M1910 - 2110 
Full TermQueens Campus69731120FINANCE INTERNSHIP I1 
Full TermQueens Campus69931094INT'L BUSINESS INTERNSHIP3 
Full TermQueens Campus69931096MARKETING INTERNSHIP3 
Full TermQueens Campus105T30982MASTER'S THESIS DEFENSE0 
Full TermQueens Campus70530030CLINIC PRACTICUM V3M1230 - 1630 
Full TermQueens Campus70530029CLINIC PRACTICUM V3T0900 - 1300 
Full TermQueens Campus70630194CLINIC PRACTICUM VI3T1300 - 1600 
Full TermQueens Campus70630031CLINIC PRACTICUM VI3 
Full TermQueens Campus76130519PRACTICUM IN SCHOOL PSYCH I3M1630 - 1930 
Full TermQueens Campus761B30520PRACT IN SCH PSY I (BILINGUAL)3M1630 - 1930 
Full TermQueens Campus76330295SCHOOL PSY INTERVENTION PRAC I3M1315 - 1615 
Full TermQueens Campus76330060SCHOOL PSY INTERVENTION PRAC I3M1315 - 1615 
Full TermQueens Campus76330315SCHOOL PSY INTERVENTION PRAC I3M1000 - 1300 
Full TermQueens Campus99930981EXTENDED CLIN. PRACTICUM EXPER0 
Full TermQueens Campus99930646EXTENDED CLIN. PRACTICUM EXPER0 
Full TermQueens Campus99931095EXTENDED CLIN. PRACTICUM EXPER0 
Full TermQueens Campus99930776EXTENDED CLIN. PRACTICUM EXPER0 
Full TermQueens Campus99930645EXTENDED CLIN. PRACTICUM EXPER0 
Full TermQueens Campus99930745EXTENDED CLIN. PRACTICUM EXPER0 
Full TermQueens Campus60531114INTERNSHIP IN TAXATION3 
Full TermStaten Island Campus631130616INTRN MNTL HLTH COUNSEL I3M1700 - 2000 
Post SessionManhattan Campus60130566RISK MANAGEMENT3MTWR0900 - 1200MTWR1300 - 1500 
Post SessionQueens Campus101.131102HOMELAND SEC ENTERPRISE (RES)1MTWR1300 - 1600 
Post SessionQueens Campus104.131290DISASTER MGT I:PREP & REP(RES)3MTWR1300 - 1600 
Post SessionQueens Campus107.131101THEORY & CNCPT OF SECRTY (RES)1MTWR0900 - 1200 
Post SessionQueens Campus404.131291STAT ANALYSIS IN RESEARCH(RES)1MTWR0900 - 1200 
Pre-SessionOnline Learning900131293FOUND BILING MULTI SCD LANG ED3 
Pre-SessionOnline Learning900231478PSY & SOC LANG & BILING3 
Pre-SessionOnline Learning301.330705LEADERSHIP TOPICS II3 
Pre-SessionQueens Campus900231304PSY & SOC LANG & BILING3 
Pre-SessionStudy Abroad34130200MGT PED DYSPHAGIA DEV COUNTRY1 
Rome Summer 2Rome Campus23630197INTERNSHIP:PUBLIC ADMIN II3 
Rome Summer 2Rome Campus34731219SP TOPICS:INTL LAW & FIN INTER3TR1900 - 2200 
Rome Summer 2Rome Campus36831218DEMOCRACY,CAPITALISM, & CRISIS3MW1900 - 2200 
Rome Summer IRome Campus23530196INTERNSHIP-FIELDWORK3 
Rome Summer IRome Campus35731475READING AND RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Manhattan Campus2000T30854INTRODUCTION TO TEACHING6MTWR1300 - 1630 
Summer Session 1Manhattan Campus2000T30853INTRODUCTION TO TEACHING6MTWR1300 - 1630 
Summer Session 1Manhattan Campus2000T30852INTRODUCTION TO TEACHING6MTWR1300 - 1630 
Summer Session 1Manhattan Campus2000T30851INTRODUCTION TO TEACHING6MTWR1300 - 1630 
Summer Session 1Manhattan Campus3210T31562TEACH WR/ELA IN GEN/INC ED B-63TWR1910 - 2110 
Summer Session 1Manhattan Campus3215T31511RE PRA TCH WRITE GEN ED G 5-123TWR1700 - 1900 
Summer Session 1Manhattan Campus3215T31512RE PRA TCH WRITE GEN ED G 5-123TWR1910 - 2110 
Summer Session 1Manhattan Campus3215T31513RE PRA TCH WRITE GEN ED G 5-123TWR1700 - 1900 
Summer Session 1Manhattan Campus7267T30533TECH FOR LIT IN CONTENT REG3TWR1910 - 2110 
Summer Session 1Manhattan Campus7267T30487TECH FOR LIT IN CONTENT REG3TWR1700 - 1900 
Summer Session 1Manhattan Campus7399T31515PLANNING/INSTRUCTING/ASSESSING3TWR1910 - 2110 
Summer Session 1Manhattan Campus7399T31514PLANNING/INSTRUCTING/ASSESSING3TWR1700 - 1900 
Summer Session 1Manhattan Campus9716T31560CUR&INSTR DSGN TCHG LIT W/EXPT3TWR1910 - 2110 
Summer Session 1Manhattan Campus9716T31561CUR&INSTR DSGN TCHG LIT W/EXPT3TWR1700 - 1900 
Summer Session 1Manhattan Campus9726T31589C&I DSGN INDVS EXCPT M/SC/SS3TWR1910 - 2110 
Summer Session 1Manhattan Campus9726T30961C&I DSGN INDVS EXCPT M/SC/SS3TWR1700 - 1900 
Summer Session 1Off-Campus54130091AUDIOLOGY IN THE OR1W1200 - 1700 
Summer Session 1Off-Campus54730501CERUMAN MANAGEMENT1R1000 - 1500F1200 - 1700 
Summer Session 1Online Learning60230726GLOBAL FIN & MGR REPORTING3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning62531576ACC ETHICS & PROFESSIONALISM3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning31230795MOTOR SPEECH DISORDERS3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning31230980MOTOR SPEECH DISORDERS3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning40830102SPE PATH PRAC IN ADULT SETTING2 
Summer Session 1Online Learning300031502INDEPENDENT STUDY: LITERACY3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning321030912TEACH WR/ENG LAN INC ED B-63 
Summer Session 1Online Learning321531508TCH WR/ENG LA INC ED 5-123 
Summer Session 1Online Learning321530913TCH WR/ENG LA INC ED 5-123 
Summer Session 1Online Learning321730914TCH WR/ENG LAN INC ED B-123 
Summer Session 1Online Learning328331407STRATEGIES IN LIT LEADERSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning329031489ANALYSIS OF CURRENT TOPICS LIT3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning329331490DISSERTATION SEMINAR CONTINUED3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning329331491DISSERTATION SEMINAR CONTINUED3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning382030921MIXED METHOD RESEARCH & DESIGN3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning382031347MIXED METHOD RESEARCH & DESIGN3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning400030738NYS SAFETY EDUCATION WORKSHOP0 
Summer Session 1Online Learning400030737NYS SAFETY EDUCATION WORKSHOP0 
Summer Session 1Online Learning400030736NYS SAFETY EDUCATION WORKSHOP0 
Summer Session 1Online Learning400030739NYS SAFETY EDUCATION WORKSHOP0 
Summer Session 1Online Learning400030713NYS SAFETY EDUCATION WORKSHOP0 
Summer Session 1Online Learning510330065EDU GOVERNANCE & POLICY3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning530130302LEADERSHIP,DEC, MULTICULT ORG3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning541830957ADMINISTRATIVE THEORY3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning547130455LEADERSHIP IN INSTR SUPR3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning547130544LEADERSHIP IN INSTR SUPR3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning549931313CAPSTONE CRSE MASTERS SBL1 
Summer Session 1Online Learning557130661ADM LEADERSHIP IN SCHOOLS3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning557131553ADM LEADERSHIP IN SCHOOLS3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning557130468ADM LEADERSHIP IN SCHOOLS3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning559931314CAPSTONE CRSE ADV CERT SDL1 
Summer Session 1Online Learning565030059SCHOOL BASED DATA ANALYSIS3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning574330711EDUCATIONAL PLANNING3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning576130655SCH BUSI ADMIN FOR ADM & SUPV3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning576130051SCH BUSI ADMIN FOR ADM & SUPV3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning579130462LEG ASPECTS IN MGT & ADM OF SC3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning581130334ADM & SUPV SPECIAL ED SERVICES3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning595030335INTERN I IN SCH ADMIN & SUPER3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning595130336INTERN II IN SCH ADMN & SUPER3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning653031481MULTICULTURAL COUNSELING3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning653030970MULTICULTURAL COUNSELING3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning710631421UNDERSTAND MIDDLE GR LEARNER3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning721131408EDU RES & DATA ANALYSIS II3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning721131409EDU RES & DATA ANALYSIS II3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning741131267INRO TO DESIGNING PROGRAMS ETC3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning741331268DEV LEAD SKILLS GIFT & TALENT3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning790131410ADVANCED EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning901031479LING TCH OF ENG LANG EXCEP LRN3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning970031374RE CO PT ST IN G S IN ED SE CH3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning970431375RES COL PTNR STRAT IN ED:ADOL3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning970631377CUR ADPT MOD PLAN EX STU ADOL3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning970731376CUR ADPT MOD PLAN EX STU CHILD3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning971131484ED ACCOM NEEDS IND W EXC K-123 
Summer Session 1Online Learning971131543ED ACCOM NEEDS IND W EXC K-123 
Summer Session 1Online Learning971131372ED ACCOM NEEDS IND W EXC K-123 
Summer Session 1Online Learning971931373PRINCIPLES OF ABA AND PBS3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning973431378CURR MODIFICAT STUD W DISABIL3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning31030878SHAKESPR: MED,PRT, PERFORMANCE3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning15331277INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning50030338COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION0 
Summer Session 1Online Learning301.430709SEMINAR IN STRESS MANAGEMENT3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning301.831397ISSUES IN GLOBAL SECURITY3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning30331396ISSUES IN GLOBAL SECURITY3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning21330788POPULAR CULTURE & YOUNG ADULT3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning21331509POPULAR CULTURE & YOUNG ADULT3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning24930892ARCHIVES & RECORDS MANAGEMENT3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning26931555INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning26931563INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning27030951COLLOQUIA0 
Summer Session 1Online Learning27131220SP TOP:CULTURAL COMPETENCIES3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning27130789SPECIAL TOPICS: LIBRARY DESIGN3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning10030188MODELS OF INTERV IN GLOBAL DEV3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning12030189INFO RES FOR DEV & SOC JUSTICE3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning20030193INTEGRATING SEMINAR3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning64031275SEMINAR IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning70030877SEMINAR IN BUSINESS STRATEGY3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning60030810DECISIONS IN MKTNG MGMT3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning60130570RISK MANAGEMENT3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning62130664RISK PROJECT3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning40230332SPECIAL TOPICS IN SPORT3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning61030910INDIVIDUAL TAX PLANNING3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning63130556CORP DIST/ LIQUIDATIONS/REORG3 
Summer Session 1Online Learning69130557RESEARCH PROJECT3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus52330615LEAD & SUPV CLIN AUD PROG1T0900 - 1500 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus35230056SPEC. RES. BIO. SCI. I3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus35330314SPEC. RES. BIO. SCI.II3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030521DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030002DOCTORAL RESEARCH1 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus25230743BIOSTATISTICS3TW1800 - 2100 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus26530598SCI INQ:REG& ETHICAL CHALLENGE3MT1800 - 2100 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus35230341SPECIAL RESEARCH IN BIOTECH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030085INTERNSHIP IN BIOTECHNOLOGY3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus92530204MAINTAINING MATRICULATION0 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus10531145COMPREHENSIVE EXAM0 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus99930992EXT CLIN PRACTICUM EXPERIENCES0 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus79130662DATA MIN & PRED ANALYT INTERN3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus60630975INDUSTRIAL ECONOMICS3T1730 - 2130 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus2000T30829INTRODUCTION TO TEACHING6MTWR1300 - 1630 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus2000T30826INTRODUCTION TO TEACHING6MTWR1300 - 1630 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus2000T30896INTRODUCTION TO TEACHING6MTWR1300 - 1630 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus3215T31581RE PRA TCH WRITE GEN ED G 5-123TWR1700 - 1900 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus3215T31582RE PRA TCH WRITE GEN ED G 5-123TWR1910 - 2110 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus549930103CAPSTONE CRSE MASTERS SBL1S0900 - 1500 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus559930104CAPSTONE CRSE ADV CERT SDL1S0830 - 1530 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus589030022INDEPENDENT STUDY - ED ADMIN3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus599030716DOCTORAL RESEARCH SEMINAR3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus599030721DOCTORAL RESEARCH SEMINAR3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus599030744DOCTORAL RESEARCH SEMINAR3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus642430483CASE STUDIES & COM RSRC3TWR1700 - 1900 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus653030484MULTICULTURAL COUNSELING3TW1910 - 2110 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus710731424METHODS OF TEACHING MIDDLE GR3TWR1910 - 2110 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus710731423METHODS OF TEACHING MIDDLE GR3TWR1700 - 1900 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus726631415TEC TCH LIT BSD APL SPED SET3TWR1910 - 2110 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus726631414TEC TCH LIT BSD APL SPED SET3TWR1700 - 1900 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus726731416TECH FOR LIT IN CONT REG & SP3TWR1700 - 1900 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus7399T31568PLANNING/INSTRUCTING/ASSESSING3TWR1700 - 1900 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus7399T31569PLANNING/INSTRUCTING/ASSESSING3TWR1910 - 2110 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus789030019IND STUDY:DOCTORAL/ PD3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus800631469PHILOSOPHIES OF EDUCATION3M1700 - 2000 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus9704T30740RES COL PTNR START IN ED ADOL3TWR1910 - 2110 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus9726T30946C&I DSGN INDVS EXCPT M/SC/SS3TWR1910 - 2110 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus9742T30935FOR INFO ED AS IND IN EXC AD3TWR1700 - 1900 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus18931217POL&ADMIN PROBLEMS-DEV NATIONS3TWR1820 - 2020 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus23530045INTERNSHIP-FIELDWORK3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus85030469COMMUNICATION THESIS I3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus86530545INDEPENDENT STUDY3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus10131525SPEC PROB IN INDUSTRIAL PHARM3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus10131524SPECIAL PROBLEMS MEDICINAL CHE3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus30230415HEALTHCARE DATA ANALYSIS & MGT3TR1800 - 2100 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus30231386HEALTHCARE DATA ANALYSIS & MGT3TR1800 - 2100 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus30331387PUBLIC HEALTH PROG PLANNING3MW1800 - 2100 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus30330416PUBLIC HEALTH PROG PLANNING3MW1800 - 2100 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus10130500SPECIAL PROBLEMS3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus10131389SPECIAL PROBLEMS3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus25231394BIOSTATISTICS3TW1800 - 2100 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus25230722BIOSTATISTICS3TW1800 - 2100 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus26531391SCI INQ: REG&ETHICAL CHALLENGE3MT1800 - 2100 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus26531390SCI INQ: REG&ETHICAL CHALLENGE3MT1800 - 2100 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus26530597SCI INQ: REG&ETHICAL CHALLENGE3MT1800 - 2100 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus26530723SCI INQ: REG&ETHICAL CHALLENGE3MT1800 - 2100 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030052DISSERTATION RESEARCH:MASTER'S3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90031392DISSERTATION RESEARCH:MASTER'S3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus10130080SPECIAL PROBLEMS PHARMACOLOGY3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030119MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030120MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030121MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030122MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030123MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030124MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030125MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030126MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030127MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030128MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030129MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030130MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030107MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030108MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030109MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030110MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030111MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030112MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030113MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030114MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030115MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030116MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030117MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030118MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030105MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030106MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030136MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030135MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030134MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030133MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030132MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030131MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90031519MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90031518MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90031517MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90031516MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030184MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030027MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030202MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus91030423ADVANCED MASTER'S RESEARCH1 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95031520DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95031521DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95031522DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95031523DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030158DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030159DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030160DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030161DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030162DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030163DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030164DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030165DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030166DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030143DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030144DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030145DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030146DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030147DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030148DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030149DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030150DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030151DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030152DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030153DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030154DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030137DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030138DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030139DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030140DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030141DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030142DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030203DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030185DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030167DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030168DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030169DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030155DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030156DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus95030157DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus96030424ADVANCED DOCTORAL RESEARCH1 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus63630640OBJ PSNLTY ASSMT MH COUNSELING3TWR1630 - 1830 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus83530339NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT3TWR0940 - 1240 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus85030054COGNITIVE PSYCHOTHERAPIES3TR1400 - 1700 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90131586IND STDY:CONT ARGENTINEAN LIT3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus40131162RESEARCH METHODS IN SPORT3M1700 - 1900 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus50030101INTERNSHIP I3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus50230229THESIS3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus50330750THESIS3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus50330751THESIS3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus50330311THESIS3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus51030248INTERNSHIP6 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus10530756COMPREHENSIVE PORTFOLIO0 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus10130049SPECIAL PROBLEMS3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030220MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030221MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030222MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030223MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030224MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030225MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030215MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030211MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030212MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030213MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030218MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030217MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030216MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030214MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030426MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030425MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 1Queens Campus90030219MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Manhattan Campus400031590NYS SAFETY EDUCATION WORKSHOP0 
Summer Session 2Manhattan Campus60731340FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT3T1730 - 2130 
Summer Session 2Online Learning62230555GLOBAL MANAGERIAL ACC II3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning63031591FIN REPORTING: SPEC TOPICS3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning63830729BUS ENTITIES & COMBINATIONS3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning63930909GOVERNMENTS & NOT-FOR-PROFITS3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning62431382INFO TECHNOLOGY AUDITING3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning60231453BUSINESS ANALYTICS3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning10530771COMPREHENSIVE EXAM0 
Summer Session 2Online Learning30631228CONTEMP ISSUES IN CRIMINOLOGY3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning10530760COMPREHENSIVE EXAM0 
Summer Session 2Online Learning20131194INTRO TO RESEARCH METHODS3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning20131195INTRO TO RESEARCH METHODS3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning35430796HAB DEAF & HEAR IMPRD CHILD3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning35430622HAB DEAF & HEAR IMPRD CHILD3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning322031405EVAL LIT & ENG LANG ARTS  K-123 
Summer Session 2Online Learning328231413MOD PROCESS READ WRIT ACQ3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning328231412MOD PROCESS READ WRIT ACQ3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning328330924STRATEGIES IN LIT LEADERSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning329030927ANALYSIS OF CURRENT TOPICS LIT3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning329030682ANALYSIS OF CURRENT TOPICS LIT3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning721131492EDU RES & DATA ANALYSIS II3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning790131406ADVANCED EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning900331480LIT DEV FIRST & SEC LANG LEARN3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning900531587TEACH ENG SPEAK OTHER LANG3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning989031141INDEPENDENT STUDY: TESOL3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning10031215MODERN CRITICAL THEORIES3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning301.531467SEMINAR: GLOBAL TERRORISM3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning30531398SEMINAR IN GLOBAL TERRORISM3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning10530730COMPREHENSIVE PORTFOLIO0 
Summer Session 2Online Learning26931588INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning27131222SP TOP:TEEN SPACES3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning27130893SPE TOP: GRAPHIC NOVELS IN LIB3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning30230790GENEALOGICAL SOURCES & SERVICE3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning60130554MANAGING FOR GLOBAL SUCCESS3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning66231276INT'L HUMAN RESOURCE MGT3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning10531544COMPREHENSIVE EXAM0 
Summer Session 2Online Learning61231355PARTNERSHIPS AND PARTNERS3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning63530963BUSINESS TAX PLANNING3 
Summer Session 2Online Learning68130524TAX ACCOUNTING3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus60031134INTERNSHIP I3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90130097DIRECTED READINGS3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus35230536SPEC. RES. BIO. SCI. I3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus35330092SPEC. RES. BIO. SCI.II3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus55030348RESEARCH INTERNSHIP ROTATION I3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus55130055RESEARCH INTERNSHIPROTATION II3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus55230033RESEARCH INTERN ROTATION III3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95030266DOCTORAL RESEARCH1 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95030522DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus25630663PRINC OF EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN3TR1800 - 2100 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus35230778SPECIAL RESEARCH IN BIOTECH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90030086INTERNSHIP IN BIOTECHNOLOGY3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus92530205MAINTAINING MATRICULATION0 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus26030265INDEPENDENT STUDY3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus26531580SPECIAL TOPICS IN PHYSICAL CHE3MTWR0830 - 1030 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus40631482SPEECH-LANG PATH PRACTICUM II1 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus45230354SPECIAL RESEARCH SPE-LANG PATH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus45230098SPECIAL RESEARCH SPE-LANG PATH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus79130531DATA MIN & PRED ANALYT INTERN3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90131404READINGS AND RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus23630083INTERNSHIP:PUBLIC ADMIN II3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus33630084LEGISLATIVE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus35730764READING AND RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus35731496READING RESEARCH:PARIS ACCORD3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus301.930710GREAT LEADERS OF GRT & PRESENT3W1900 - 2030 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus50030774SEMINAR: APPL LDRSHIP PRACTICE3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90130356READING & RESEARCH (MA)1 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90530990TEACHING INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90631474TEACHING INTERNSHIP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus97530313DOCTORAL THESIS3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus98030470INTERNSHIP IN PUBLIC HISTORY3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus98130546FINAL PROJECT: CAPSTONE3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus99030318DIRECTED READING & RESEARCH DA3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus99130355DIRECT READ & RESEARCH INT IMP3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus85030349COMMUNICATION THESIS I3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus85130307THESIS II3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus86030294INTERNSHIP I3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus86130256INTERNSHIP II3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus10130259SPEC PROB IN INDUSTRIAL PHARM3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus10130081SPECIAL PROBLEMS MEDICINAL CHE3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus30430417PUBLIC HEALTH PROG EVALUATION3MW1800 - 2100 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus30431388PUBLIC HEALTH PROG EVALUATION3MW1800 - 2100 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus25630998PRINC OF EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN3TR1800 - 2100 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031393DISSERTATION RESEARCH:MASTER'S3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90030418DISSERTATION RESEARCH:MASTER'S3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus10131535SPECIAL PROBLEMS PHARMACOLOGY3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus22130637CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY3MTWR1000 - 1210 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031053MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031054MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031055MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031056MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031057MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031058MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031036MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031037MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031038MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031039MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031040MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031041MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031042MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031043MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031047MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031024MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031025MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031026MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031027MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031028MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031029MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031030MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031031MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031032MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031033MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031034MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031035MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031001MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031528MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031529MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031526MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031527MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031052MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031051MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031050MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031046MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031048MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031049MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031044MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031045MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus91031536ADVANCED MASTER'S RESEARCH1 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031062DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031063DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031064DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031065DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031066DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031067DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031068DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031069DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031070DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031071DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031059DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031002DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031084DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031085DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031086DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031087DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031088DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031089DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031090DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031091DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031092DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031093DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031072DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031073DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031074DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031075DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031076DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031077DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031078DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031079DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031080DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031081DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031082DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031083DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031060DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031061DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031530DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031531DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031532DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus95031533DOCTORAL RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus96031537ADVANCED DOCTORAL RESEARCH1 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus63630454OBJ PSNLTY ASSMT MH COUNSELING3TWR1630 - 1830 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90030613MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90131592INDEPENDENT STUDY: JOSE MARTI3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90131135HIS OF ARGENTINA/ BUENOS AIRES3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus30130868STRATEGIC SPORT MGT3TWR1910 - 2110 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus31430865SPORTS STATISTICS & ANALYTICS3T1700 - 1900 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus50030309INTERNSHIP I3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus50030777INTERNSHIP I3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus50230551THESIS3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus50230310THESIS3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus50330331THESIS3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus51030321INTERNSHIP6 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90030644MASTERS RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus10131534SPECIAL PROBLEMS3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031011MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031010MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031003MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031012MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031023MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031022MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031021MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031020MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031019MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031018MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031017MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031016MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031015MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031013MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Queens Campus90031014MASTER'S RESEARCH3 
Summer Session 2Rome Campus35730357READING AND RESEARCH3