The Peter J. Tobin College of Business

Graduate Assistantship description:

The GA in Tobin College of Business assists faculty with classroom and research and administrative units in a support role. GAs assigned to faculty may assist with class preparation, perform supervised grading, and collect research materials. GAs are not permitted to teach a class or proctor an exam without faculty present. GAs assigned to administrative units may perform clerical talks such as filing, answering the telephone, data entry, preparing mailings, delivering documents to other offices on campus, and assisting with events.

Primary responsibilities:
This position includes general support for the faculty and administrative units, and assisting with tasks as necessary.

Skills needed:
For some assignments, specific skills may be required. This may include a background in a specific academic area or discipline. Previous experience is not required but may be a plus for some assignments.

Required forms: 
A Graduate Assistantship Application and current resume will be required.