Collins College of Professional Studies

Graduate Assistantship and Doctoral Fellowship position descriptions:

Graduate Assistants are students currently re-enrolled in a master’s program. These students are specifically selected for their higher achievement and academic promise as creative scholars. Their primary job responsibility will be to assist faculty and academic administrator’s members with scholarly research. They will also collaborate in the presentation and publication of research results, as determined by supervising faculty members. Research Assistants are not to be assigned lab supervision, administrative or general assistance duties. As teaching/research assistants, they are selected for their scholarship and promise as educators and work under the supervision of tenured faculty. They are not to be teachers of record or given sole responsibility for the content of a course, selection of assignments, planning of exams, or grading of examinations.

Academic Assessment : Assistants will help develop and implement a system of quantitative and qualitative assessment for all research projects, service projects and activities within the Institute.  Specifically, he/she will assist College of Professional Studies with external organizations and service outcomes to determine the degree to which service activities are aligned with strategic institutional and department goals, i.e. Academic Service Learning, Ozanam Scholars, and the Faculty Research Consortium.  In addition, he/she will be responsible for creating implementation of a rubric to measure the impact of service on students, faculty, and the greater community, as a result of these activities.