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Tyree Vann

Admission Counselor
[email protected]

Manhattan and The Bronx

Hometown: Glen Cove, NY 

College: SUNY Albany 

Years in Admissions: 2

Favorite Thing About St. John’s
The campus is very unique, once you step onto the campus you really forget you’re in the middle of a metropolitan area. The vast amount of majors and campus activities. 

Advice You Give SJU Applicants
Be yourself. Ask as many questions as you please, there is no such thing as too many questions. Plan a campus visit. 

Favorite Movie
Avatar, Girls Trip, X-Men chronicles  

Favorite City in the World to Visit
Love Love Love London, UK

Favorite Vacation Spot
Miami, FL 

What do you like about living in the NY metro area?
The diversity of both the people, land, and restaurants. Even being a native, I find new things to do all the time. 

Where will I be on the road for Fall 2017?

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