More Information

Christine Perrault

Hometown: Queens, NY

[email protected]

St. John’s University, BS History, MA Sociology

Texas and Rockland Cty, NY

Years in Admission

Favorite Thing about St. John’s
The men’s Soccer team and the awesome faculty!  As a student here, I developed some great relationships with a couple of my professors, most of whom I still have contact with today!

Advice you give STJ Applicant
It’s important to visit all the schools you are interested in.  If you can do an overnight visit, all the better!

Favorite Movie
City of God

Favorite City in the World to Visit
Istanbul, Turkey

Favorite Vacation Spot
Rome, Italy

What do you like about living in New York
The diversity rocks here!   You can find all types of people:  different colors, cultures, religions, political views… we have ALL!!!  I just LOVE New York!!!

Where will I be on the road for Fall 2017?

Travel Map

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