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Benefits FAQs

Whom should I speak to regarding education benefits for veterans at St. John's University?
Our Veteran’s Benefit Coordinator addresses our veterans’ educational needs and ensures they receive the appropriate financial aid benefits. There is a coordinator on both the Queens and Staten Island campuses:

Queens and Manhattan Campuses
Marion Concilio
Student Financial Services Center
Bent Hall 
Carnesecca Plaza Entrance
[email protected]

Karen Morizio
Student Financial Services Center
[email protected]

Staten Island Campus
Thomas Marlow
Student Financial Services Center
[email protected]

How do I know if I’m eligible for veteran education benefits?
To determine if you are eligible for veteran education benefits, log on to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs Web site.

How do I apply for veteran educational benefits at St. John's University?
Read our section on how to apply for VA Benefits at St. John’s.

I am transferring to St. John’s. Do I have to re-apply for my benefits?
No. Once you are certified for veteran benefits at another institution, you only have to complete Form 22-1995 to update the information and change the name of the institution.

Will the education benefits be sent directly to St. John’s?
In most cases, education benefits are forwarded directly to the student and the student is responsible for forwarding payment to the University. When benefits are electronically sent to the University, we provide you with a temporary credit on your student account, pending the actual receipt of benefits.

How long does it take to receive my benefits?
It can take as long as eight weeks from the time the enrollment certification form is sent to Veterans Affairs before actual payment is received.

What happens if I drop a course during the semester?
If you drop a course, this changes the amount of time it will take for you to complete your degree. Therefore, you must notify the Veterans Coordinator at St. John's so he/she may contact Veterans Affairs and change the date of program completion.

Can I use my veterans benefits to study abroad?
The VA will not pay fees and tuition toward study abroad, unless the student is required to study abroad as a part of their program.  Please click here for additional information concerning Study Abroad.