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Withdrawals and Refunds

A student who wishes to withdraw from a course must complete a Change of Program form and have it signed by the appropriate Academic Dean. The date of withdrawal shall be the date the withdrawal is processed by the Office of the Registrar.

Withdrawal from courses may entitle the student to a credit of tuition. This policy refers only to tuition. Fees are not refundable. Please refer to the official Tuition Refund Schedule for the semester. The Tuition Refund Schedule is based on the official start and end of the semester, regardless of when a particular course may start or end. Undergraduate tuition for 12 to 18 credits is set at a block rate during the fall and spring semesters, therefore, during the withdrawal period in fall and spring, there is no adjustment to tuition if a student withdraws classes within that range.

A withdrawal from courses may also affect the student’s eligibility for financial assistance. Students who are recipients of federal Title IV funds and who withdraw prior to the 60% point in the term will be subject to a recalculation of Title IV aid eligibility. Eligibility for all other institutional, state and external awards will be determined on an individual basis.

Students should allow an appropriate length of time from the date of filing a Change of Program with the Dean for refund claims to be approved and processed.

Students will not be entitled to a refund until all federal Title IV programs are adjusted and all outstanding charges have been paid.

Students are considered in attendance until they officially withdraw from school or are requested to do so by a Dean. Students who leave school voluntarily or drop a course, must do so through the proper channels or otherwise risk assuming full tuition charges. Students who fail to formally withdraw may also be responsible for repaying all or part of the financial aid funds received in the term.

Please consult your Dean for additional details or questions regarding this withdrawal process.

Medical Withdrawal

The University provides a petition process for Health Related Leave of Absence (HRLOA) or academic withdrawal due to medical reasons which supersedes the term tuition withdrawal calculation if approved. If an HRLOA is approved, the student will be credited 100% of tuition only, fees are non-refundable and non-negotiable. Depending on the payment status of the account and Financial Aid recalculation, a refund may or may not result from these adjustments. Room and Board charges do not qualify under this policy. Please see the term withdrawal policies for Residence Life for room and board.

In order to be considered for a medical withdrawal, the following is the process for an academic Health Related Leave of Absence (HRLOA).  

  • The student must complete regular Withdrawal procedures with their academic Dean first for the term, by the deadline for the term.
  • The request must be submitted before the end of the semester for which the student is requesting a medical withdrawal.
  • The student must discuss the medical withdrawal with the academic Dean first and provide all supporting documentation.
  • The academic Dean will forward all supporting documentation to Dr. Robert Tringone, Associate Director for Clinical Services, for review.  Dr. Tringone will determine if an academic Health Related Leave of Absence (HRLOA) is recommended.
  • The academic Health Related Leave of Absence (HRLOA) decision is forwarded to the Academic Dean for approval.
  • If a Medical HRLOA is approved by both the Associate Director for Clinical Services and the academic Dean, the student will be granted an academic Health Related Leave of Absence.

Based on the approved academic HRLOA, the University will approve a 100% credit of tuition only. A recalculation on any financial aid received along with the tuition credit will be performed by Student Financial Services in order to determine the exact amount, if any, refund to the student.