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Undergraduate: Staten Island

Academic Year 2017-2018
  Fall/Spring Block tuition (12-18 credits)
 Per creditPer SemesterPer Year
Base Tuition for Traditional Students$944$14,163$28,326
The Peter J. Tobin College of Business, students (Years 3-4)$1,001$15,011$30,022*
Staten Island 3-Year Accelerated Program$1,174$17,613$35,226

Important Additional Information

  • 2017-2018 Tuition rates are effective as of Summer 2017 through Spring of 2018
  • Summer and Winter courses are offered on a per credit rate.
  • Audited courses are assessed the same as credit bearing courses.
  • Tuition is assessed based on student classification, program of study and campus of record.
  • All fees and the entire tuition for each semester are due and payable in full before registration can be completed.
  • The University reserves the right to change the schedule of tuition and fees when necessary, but every effort is made to maintain them at the lowest possible level.

*The Staten Island Tobin College of Business rate for students in their third and fourth year reflects the Staten Island base rate plus the prevailing differential of $1,696.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Staten Island Tuition Reset

Why did St. John’s University decide to reduce tuition at the Staten Island campus?
Addressing the rising cost of higher education must be a priority, particularly in view of St. John’s mission as a Catholic and Vincentian University that is committed to providing students with an affordable education. Administrative restructuring and the nature of the academic offerings at that campus made this tuition reduction possible. 

When did the tuition reset take place? 
The tuition reset took effect as of May 2015 with the start of the 2015 pre-summer session. The tuition remains the same for the 2016-17 year.

Who was affected by the tuition reduction on Staten Island?
All current and incoming undergraduate students enrolled at St. John’s Staten Island campus benefited from the reduced tuition beginning with the 2015 pre-summer session in May. Part-time students (those enrolled in less than 12 credits per semester) are charged on a per-credit basis, they also saw a reduction in their tuition costs.  In addition, tuition and financial aid for those enrolled in an accelerated academic program were reset at the same amount as the tuition reduction.  The University decided not to implement an annual increase in graduate tuition; therefore graduate students on the Staten Island campus saw no change in tuition for the 2015-16 academic year and benefit from the tuition freeze. Tuition for those enrolled in the adult degree programs was not reduced, as those students already received a discounted tuition rate.

How did the tuition reduction impact financial aid and scholarships?
The reduction in tuition at the Staten Island campus benefited families of all income levels. Students who received higher levels of federal and state need-based aid will saw a greater percentage of these dollars going toward tuition costs, thereby reducing out-of-pocket expenses.  Students who qualified for less aid also benefited from the savings of the reduced tuition cost.  Federal and State aid continued to be awarded in accordance with the guidelines as outlined by each programs’ requirements.  University financial aid was reset proportionately up to a maximum of the tuition savings which was $10,370.

What classifies a student as a “Staten Island campus student”? Can a student take some credits in Queens and some on Staten Island?
To be considered a full-time Staten Island campus student, you must be enrolled for 12 or more credits per semester at that campus.  Staten Island students who wish to take certain classes on the Queens campus must get approval from the Office of the Vice Provost for Staten Island.

For more information about the Staten Island tuition reduction, please refer to the University web page at