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After Arriving at St. John's

After you arrive at St. John’s, report to International Student Orientation. Remember that Student Orientation is required, and you cannot register for classes until you attend Orientation.

Documents to Bring

As soon as you arrive on campus, make photocopies of the following documents and bring them – along with the originals – to our Office:

  • Passport identification pages
  • F-1 and all other U.S. Visas
  • Form 1-94 Departure Record
  • St. John’s University’s I-20 Form (if it was sent to you).
  • I-20s from all schools you have attended in the U.S.
  • A “Request for Transfer Information” Form (if it was sent to you rather than St. John’s).

Be sure to protect your legal documents. Make extra photocopies. Never destroy your I-20 Forms; keep them in a safe place.

More Information
For more information about International Student Orientation and what to do upon arriving at St. John's, contact our Office:

International Student and Scholar Services
St. Vincent Hall, B19
1 (718) 990-6083
Fax: 1 (718) 990-2070
[email protected]