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Graduate Conditional Admission

Graduate Conditional Admission is available for international students who are not qualified for direct admission because they have not yet reached the level of English-language proficiency required for graduate study. 

Conditional Admission acts as a bridge for regular admission at the university.  It allows students to become familiar with the university’s culture and education while improving their English proficiency before starting a high-stakes graduate program.  

In order for a student to be conditionally admitted, he or she must submit the required documentation (transcripts, recommendation letters, etc.) but does not need to submit TOEFL, GRE or GMAT scores at the time of application. 

Students that are offered Conditional Admission are required to complete Level 10 of The Language Connection’s English Language Institute (ELI). The ELI is a non-credit intensive English program. Students take an ELI placement test and are placed in the appropriate level upon arrival at St. John’s.  Candidates will submit their GRE or GMAT scores while enrolled in the ELI.  Acceptable scores must be submitted to be eligible for full admission.  Completing Level 10 of TLC will permit the waiver of TOEFL scores.  Once a student has met English proficiency and standardized testing requirements, he or she is then eligible to be a fully matriculated student. 

To apply for Conditional Admission check the box for Conditional Admission under the International section on your graduate application.

Participating Programs

Peter J. Tobin College of Business

  • Accounting MBA
  • Accounting MS
  • Actuarial Science MS
  • Advisory and Assurance Services MS
  • Business Administration MBA
  • Enterprise Risk Management MS
  • Investment Management MS
  • Management of Risk MS
  • Risk Management and Insurance MS
  • Taxation MS

School of Education

  • Adolescent Education MSEd
  • Childhood and Childhood Special Education MSEd
  • Childhood Education MSEd
  • Childhood Education and TESOL MSEd
  • Early Childhood Education MSEd
  • Early Childhood Education and Teaching Students with Disabilities MSEd
  • School Building Leadership MSEd
  • School Counseling MSEd
  • Teaching Children with Disabilities (7-12) MSEd
  • Teaching Children with Disabilities in Childhood Education MSEd
  • Teaching Literacy MSEd
  • Teaching Literacy (B-6 or 5-12) and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (K-12) MSEd
  • Teaching Literacy (B-6) and Teaching Children with Disabilities in Childhood Education MSEd

College of Professional Studies

  • Data Mining and Predictive Analysis MS
  • Sport Management MPS

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

  • Biological and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology MS
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences MS
  • Pharmacy Administration MS
  • Toxicology MS
  • Public Health MPH

St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Chemistry MS
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology MS
  • Library and Information Science MS
  • Criminology and Justice MA
  • English MA
  • Government and Politics MA
  • History MA
  • Liberal Studies MA
  • Museum Administration MA
  • Public History MA
  • Sociology MA
  • Theology MA
  • Modern World History PhD
  • English PhD

The following programs require the GRE:

Biology (General only) MS

Biology PhD

English MA

English PhD

History PhD

School Counselor MSEd

Biological and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology MS

All Pharmacy and Health Sciences Programs

The following programs require the GRE - or - GMAT:

All Peter J. Tobin College of Business programs