Summer Session Undergraduate Courses for Visiting Students

TermCampusSubject CodeCourse NumberCRNTitleCreditsDay 1Time 1Day 2Time 2
Full TermQueens CampusALH414030092TRANSITION TO THE CLINICAL LAB2MTWR0800 - 1500  
Post SessionQueens CampusSOC102131196SOCIOLOGY OF COMMUNITY3MTWRF0900 - 1500  
Pre-SessionOnline LearningBIO229030856IMMUNE SYSTEM & HUMAN DISEASE3    
Pre-SessionOnline LearningCRJ201131160SERIAL KILLERS & THEIR VICTIMS3    
Pre-SessionOnline LearningFAS100631172FASHION MARKETING3    
Pre-SessionOnline LearningMGT106530876BUSINESS ON WALL STREET3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningANT1000C31108CORE:ANTHRO-LANGUAGE&CULTURE3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningART1000C30082THE CREATIVE PROCESS3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningBIO339031227BIOCHEMISTRY4    
Summer Session 1Online LearningBUA233330664MODERN STATISTICS I3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningCHE111030438INTRO TO GEN & ORG CHEMISTRY4MTWR0830 - 1030MTWR0830 - 1030
Summer Session 1Online LearningCHE121030674GENERAL CHEMISTRY5MTWR0830 - 1030  
Summer Session 1Online LearningCHE122030217GENERAL CHEMISTRY II5MTWR0830 - 1030  
Summer Session 1Online LearningCHE223030004ORGANIC CHEMISTRY5MTWR0830 - 1030M1031 - 1230
Summer Session 1Online LearningCOM240130185NEW MEDIA3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningCOM310131159INTERNATIONAL COMM: EUROPE3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningCRJ200130961THEORIES OF CRIME3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningCUS119230051COMPUTER SCIENCE INTERNSHIP6    
Summer Session 1Online LearningECO100131165PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS I3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningENG206030304STUDY OF AMERICAN LITERATURE3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningENG371030659CREATIVE WRITING ACROSS GENRES3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningHIS1000C30555CORE:EMERGENCE  GLOBAL SOCIETY3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningHLS100231173LEGAL ISS ORGANIZATIONAL SEC3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningLAC1000C31113CORE: LANGUAGE AND CULTURE3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningMGT432930534STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningMTH100330574INTRO TO COLLEGE MATH I3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningMTH100931190CALCULUS I3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningMUS101030829INTRODUCTION TO MUSIC3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningPHI1000C31316CORE:PHILOSOPHY HUMAN PERSON3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningPHI1000C30034CORE:PHILOSOPHY HUMAN PERSON3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningPHI2200C31119CORE: ETHICS3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningPHI2200C30016CORE: ETHICS3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningPHI3000C30893CORE: METAPHYSICS3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningPHI3000C30892CORE: METAPHYSICS3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningPHI3000C30291CORE: METAPHYSICS3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningPHS350430979APPL HUMAN ANATOMY &PHYSIOLOGY3MTWR1115 - 1315  
Summer Session 1Online LearningPHS360330981PHARMACEUTICS II FOR PHARM D4MTWR1105 - 1350  
Summer Session 1Online LearningPHS460130193EXTEMPORANEOUS COMPOUNDING3MTWR1430 - 1630  
Summer Session 1Online LearningPRL210031194PRINCIPLES OF PUBLIC RELATIONS3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningPSY1000C31121CORE: INTRO TO PSYCHOLOGY3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningPSY380031309HISTORY & SYSTEMS OF PSYCH3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningSCI1000C31174CORE: SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningSPA1010C31186CORE: SPANISH LEVEL I3MTWR1030 - 1230  
Summer Session 1Online LearningSPE1000C30242CORE: PUBLIC SPEAKING COLL STU3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningSPM104131203ADMIN & MGMT:INTERCOLL ATHLTCS3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningTHE104530033CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningTHE105030633RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningTHE220030503THE MYSTERY OF GOD3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningTHE221030643PERSPECTIVES ON THE CHURCH3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningTHE232030317INTRO CATHOLIC SOCIAL TCHG3    
Summer Session 1Online LearningTHE330530334MORAL THEO OF THE MARKETPLACE3    
Summer Session 1Queens CampusPHY161031240COLLEGE PHYSICS I4MTWR1010 - 1210  
Summer Session 2Online LearningACC337330992INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING III3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningAIS436031122FRAUD EXAMINATION3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningANT1010C31109CORE:INTRO TO ANTHRO:CULTURAL3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningBIO105030446HUMAN BIOLOGY3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningBUA233430663MODERN STATISTICS II3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningBUA233430662MODERN STATISTICS II3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningCHE112030441INTRO GEN & ORGANIC CHEM II4MTWR0830 - 1030  
Summer Session 2Online LearningCHE224030279ORGANIC CHEMISTRY II5MTWR0830 - 1030  
Summer Session 2Online LearningCRJ200430575AMERICAN CORRECTIONAL SYSTEMS3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningCUS119231164COMPUTER SCIENCE INTERNSHIP6    
Summer Session 2Online LearningENG104030838WRITING FOR BUSINESS3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningENG1100C30283CORE:LITERATURE IN GLOBAL CONT3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningFIN331831313INT'L BANKING AND FINANCE3MTWR1040 - 1240  
Summer Session 2Online LearningFYW1000C30481FYW: WHAT ARE YOU BURNING3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningGOV1030C31256CORE: AMERICAN NATIONAL GOV'T3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningHSA120031300HIS OF REHAB:HLTH,EXCRSE & BDY3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningMGT332531134MANAGING OPERATIONS3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningMKT100130443PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningMTH101430645PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS II3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningMTH102130281INTRODUCTION TO STATISTICS3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningMTH132030009CALCULUS WITH BUS APPLICATIONS3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningPHI1000C30535CORE:PHILOSOPHY HUMAN PERSON3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningPHI2200C30894CORE: ETHICS3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningPHI2200C30504CORE: ETHICS3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningPHI3000C30212CORE: METAPHYSICS3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningPHI3000C30554CORE: METAPHYSICS3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningPHR411130985D&D:CARDIO/RENAL SYSTEMS II3MTWR0800 - 1000  
Summer Session 2Online LearningPHS220130801BIOPHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTRY4MTWR1430 - 1715  
Summer Session 2Online LearningPHS350831333INTRO TO MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY2MW1400 - 1700  
Summer Session 2Online LearningPHS460230162BIOPHA & BASIC PHARMACOKINETIC3MTWR1330 - 1530  
Summer Session 2Online LearningPSY228030848INTRO TO SPORT PSYCHOLOGY3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningRMI130131372PRINCIPLES OF RISK MANAGEMENT3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningSCI1000C31175SCI: KINESIOLOGY3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningSOC1000C31115INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningSOC100230031SOCIOLOGY OF INSTITUTIONS3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningSPA1020C31187CORE: SPANISH LEVEL II3MTWR1030 - 1230  
Summer Session 2Online LearningSPE1000C30638CORE: PUBLIC SPEAKING COLL STU3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningSPM100831198SPORT HISTORY3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningTHE1000C30891CORE: PERS. ON CHRISTIANITY3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningTHE220031100THE MYSTERY OF GOD3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningTHE230031102INTRO CATHOLIC MORAL THEOLOGY3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningTHE232030505INTRO CATHOLIC SOCIAL TCHG3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningTHE323031096CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningTHE326531104THEOLOGY AND FILM3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningTHE330530641MORAL THEO OF THE MARKETPLACE3    
Summer Session 2Online LearningTVF150730834INTERNATIONAL CINEMA3    
Summer Session 2Queens CampusFIN231030870FOUNDATIONS OF FINANCE3    
Summer Session 2Queens CampusPCU102031192SOUNDSCAPE OF AMERICAN POP CLT3MTWR1250 - 1450  
Summer Session 2Queens CampusPHY162031241COLLEGE PHYSICS II4MTWR1010 - 1210  
Summer Session 2Queens CampusSPE101031197SPEAKING FOR SUCCESS3MTWR1040 - 1240