Summer Session Graduate Courses for Visiting Students

TermCampusSubject CodeCourse NumberCRNTitleCreditsDay 1Time 1
Full TermOnline LearningEDU555231257ISS & PROB IN ADM OF HIGHER ED3W1730 - 1930
Full TermOnline LearningEDU555431342GLOBAL STUDIES IN HIGHER EDU3R1910 - 2110
Full TermOnline LearningEDU766931258LDRSHP INSTRUCTIONAL TECH II3W1945 - 2145
Full TermOnline LearningEDU766931259LDRSHP INSTRUCTIONAL TECH II3T1700 - 1900
Full TermOnline LearningEDU790030884QUALITATIVE RESEARCH IN CURRIC3T1700 - 1900
Full TermOnline LearningEDU790130952ADVANCED EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH3T1910 - 2110
Full TermOnline LearningPSY77230960SCHOOL NEUROPSY ASSESSMENT3  
Post SessionQueens CampusHLS404.131323STAT ANALYSIS IN RESEARCH(RES)1MTWR0900 - 1200
Post SessionQueens CampusHLS601.131322HOMELAND SEC ENTERPRISE (RES)1MTWR1300 - 1600
Post SessionQueens CampusHLS602.131325DISASTER MANAGEMENT I - (RES)1MTWR1300 - 1600
Post SessionQueens CampusHLS603.131326DISASTER MANAGEMENT II - (RES)1MTWR0900 - 1200
Post SessionQueens CampusHLS604.131321THEORY & CONCEPT OF SEC (RES)1MTWR0900 - 1200
Post SessionQueens CampusHLS702.131324ADVNCD RESRCH METHODS II (RES)1MTWR1300 - 1600
Summer Session 1Online LearningACC60230590GLOBAL FIN & MGR REPORTING3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningACC63930677GOVERNMENTS & NOT-FOR-PROFITS3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningADV10031225FUND OF INTEGRATED ADV COMM3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningAIS62431226INFO TECHNOLOGY AUDITING3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningAUD50931273SPE-LANG PATH FOR AUDIOLOGISTS3TR1700 - 2000
Summer Session 1Online LearningAUD54130084AUDIOLOGY IN THE OR1T0900 - 1400
Summer Session 1Online LearningCRM30631111CONTEMP ISS: LAW GLOBAL SOCTY3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningCSD31230695MOTOR SPEECH DISORDERS3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningCSD31230639MOTOR SPEECH DISORDERS3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningCSD40831343SPE PATH PRAC IN ADULT SETTING2  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU329031252ANALYSIS OF CURRENT TOPICS LIT3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU329031251ANALYSIS OF CURRENT TOPICS LIT3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU510330058EDU GOVERNANCE & POLICY3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU530130278LEADERSHIP,DEC, MULTICULT ORG3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU541830688ADMINISTRATIVE THEORY3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU542531345PERSONALITY, SOCIETY & CULTURE3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU547130472LEADERSHIP IN INSTR SUPR3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU549930895CAPSTONE CRSE MASTERS SBL1  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU557131054ADM LEADERSHIP IN SCHOOLS3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU559930896CAPSTONE CRSE ADV CERT SDL1  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU565031057SCHOOL BASED DATA ANALYSIS3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU574331373EDUCATIONAL PLANNING3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU574330580EDUCATIONAL PLANNING3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU576130046SCH BUSI ADMIN FOR ADM & SUPV3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU579130429LEG ASPECTS IN MGT & ADM OF SC3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU581130308ADM & SUPV SPECIAL ED SERVICES3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU653030691MULTICULTURAL COUNSELING3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU741130868INRO TO DESIGNING PROGRAMS ETC3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU741330869DEV LEAD SKILLS GIFT & TALENT3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU900331003LIT DEV FIRST & SEC LANG LEARN3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU900331318LIT DEV FIRST & SEC LANG LEARN3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU900531320TEACH ENG SPEAK OTHER LANG3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU900531085TEACH ENG SPEAK OTHER LANG3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU971131048ED ACCOM NEEDS IND W EXC K-123  
Summer Session 1Online LearningEDU971131007ED ACCOM NEEDS IND W EXC K-123  
Summer Session 1Online LearningFIN60731129FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningGOV18930840POL&ADMIN PROBLEMS-DEV NATIONS3TWR1300 - 1500
Summer Session 1Online LearningGOV34231303INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS LAW3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningHLS30330943ISSUES IN GLOBAL SECURITY3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningLAW60031370LAW, ETHICS & PRIN PATH IN BUS3TR1800 - 2200
Summer Session 1Online LearningLIS21330634POPULAR CULTURE & YOUNG ADULT3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningLIS27130844SP TOP:FUND OF DATA CURATION3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningLIS27130635SP TOP: FAKE NEWS & MISINFRMTN3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningLIS27531248CULTURE COMPETENCE-INFO PROF3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningMKT60030644DECISIONS IN MKTNG MGMT3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningMPH30131283SOCIAL & BEHAVIORAL HEALTH3TR1800 - 2100
Summer Session 1Online LearningMPH30330936PUBLIC HEALTH PROG PLANNING3MW1800 - 2100
Summer Session 1Online LearningRMI60130492RISK MANAGEMENT3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningSPG31631142RISK MANAGEMENT IN SPORT3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningTAX61030678INDIVIDUAL TAX PLANNING3  
Summer Session 1Online LearningTAX63130484CORP DIST/ LIQUIDATIONS/REORG3  
Summer Session 1Queens CampusAUD54730454CERUMAN MANAGEMENT1MW1530 - 2030
Summer Session 1Queens CampusBUA63331144PRED ANALYTICS & BUS FORECAST3MTWR1730 - 1930
Summer Session 1Queens CampusEDU642430448CASE STUDIES & COM RSRC3TWR1700 - 1900
Summer Session 1Queens CampusEDU653030449MULTICULTURAL COUNSELING3TW1910 - 2110
Summer Session 1Queens CampusEDU800931263CRIT & HIST PERS W/ED & ED RES3T1700 - 2000
Summer Session 1Queens CampusIPP10131035SPEC PROB IN INDUSTRIAL PHARM3  
Summer Session 1Queens CampusMCM10131034SPECIAL PROBLEMS MEDICINAL CHE3  
Summer Session 1Queens CampusPAS10130937SPECIAL PROBLEMS3  
Summer Session 1Queens CampusPHM10130073SPECIAL PROBLEMS PHARMACOLOGY3  
Summer Session 1Queens CampusPSY63630525OBJ PSNLTY ASSMT MH COUNSELING3TWR1630 - 1830
Summer Session 1Queens CampusPSY83530313NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT3TWR0940 - 1240
Summer Session 1Queens CampusPSY85030049COGNITIVE PSYCHOTHERAPIES3TR1400 - 1700
Summer Session 1Queens CampusTOX10130044SPECIAL PROBLEMS3  
Summer Session 2Manhattan CampusFIN60730906FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT3T1730 - 2130
Summer Session 2Online LearningACC60231125GLOBAL FIN & MGR REPORTING3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningACC62230483GLOBAL MANAGERIAL ACC II3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningACC63031089FIN REPORTING: SPEC TOPICS3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningACC63830591BUS ENTITIES & COMBINATIONS3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningAIS62531075ACC ETHICS & PROFESSIONALISM3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningAIS66031123FRAUD EXAMINATION I3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningBUA60230991BUSINESS ANALYTICS3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningCHE23131344CHE OF ORGANOMETALLIC COMP3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningCSD20130836INTRO TO RESEARCH METHODS3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningCSD20130835INTRO TO RESEARCH METHODS3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningCSD35430513HAB DEAF & HEAR IMPRD CHILD3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningCSD35430640HAB DEAF & HEAR IMPRD CHILD3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningECO60631131INDUSTRIAL ECONOMICS3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningEDU721131254EDU RES & DATA ANALYSIS II3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningEDU721131253EDU RES & DATA ANALYSIS II3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningEDU7299T31222MATH CONTENT & BEST PRACTICES3TWR1700 - 1900
Summer Session 2Online LearningEDU7399T31025PLANNING/INSTRUCTING/ASSESSING3TWR1910 - 2110
Summer Session 2Online LearningEDU7399T31024PLANNING/INSTRUCTING/ASSESSING3TWR1700 - 1900
Summer Session 2Online LearningEDU9712T31223EDU ASSESS INDIV W EXCEPT3TWR1910 - 2110
Summer Session 2Online LearningEDU9742T30685FOR INFO ED AS IND IN EXC AD3TWR1700 - 1900
Summer Session 2Online LearningEDU9742T31221FOR INFO ED AS IND IN EXC AD3TWR1910 - 2110
Summer Session 2Online LearningENG10030839MODERN CRITICAL THEORIES3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningFIN63431130INVESTMENT ANALYSIS3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningGOV14831261MEDIA AND POLITICS3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningGOV17731305CONTEMPORARY POLITICAL THEORY3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningHCA32031155MGMT & LDRSHP: HLTHCARE ORGS3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningHCA32231154IMPACT EVAL HEALTHCARE PROGRAM3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningHCL30131314SEL TOPICS: CRIMINAL JUSTICE3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningHCL50030623SEMINAR: APPL LDRSHIP PRACTICE3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningHLS50531137HLS - ENTERPRISE RISK MGMT3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningLIS21431245TEEN SPACES FOR LIBRARIES3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningLIS27331247GRAPHIC NOVELS AND LIBRARIES3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningLIS28231246KNOWLEDGE MGT IN INFO ORG3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningLIS30230636GENEALOGICAL SOURCES & SERVICE3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningMGT60130482MANAGING FOR GLOBAL SUCCESS3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningMGT63131374LEADING MODERN ORGANIZATIONS3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningMPH30430384PUBLIC HEALTH PROG EVALUATION3MW1800 - 2100
Summer Session 2Online LearningRMI60131399RISK MANAGEMENT3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningSPG31430653SPORTS STATISTICS & ANALYTICS3  
Summer Session 2Online LearningTAX61230910PARTNERSHIPS AND PARTNERS3  
Summer Session 2Queens CampusBIT25630544PRINC OF EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN3TR1800 - 2100
Summer Session 2Queens CampusGOV34731367TOPICS IN COMPARATIVE POLITICS3  
Summer Session 2Queens CampusGOV34731369TOPICS IN COMPARATIVE POLITICS3  
Summer Session 2Queens CampusIPP10130241SPEC PROB IN INDUSTRIAL PHARM3  
Summer Session 2Queens CampusMCM10130074SPECIAL PROBLEMS MEDICINAL CHE3  
Summer Session 2Queens CampusPAS10131282SPECIAL PROBLEMS3  
Summer Session 2Queens CampusPHI12031405THEORIES OF JUSTICE3  
Summer Session 2Queens CampusPHM10131045SPECIAL PROBLEMS PHARMACOLOGY3  
Summer Session 2Queens CampusTOX10131044SPECIAL PROBLEMS3