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The School of Education’s strength is derived from the quality, dedication, and expertise of its faculty and adjuncts.

We are proud to offer comprehensive and innovative lessons designed to support and promote a culture of excellence and innovation in the field of education. The School of Education supports the University’s Strategic Priorities to ensure student success; recruit, recognize, and retain the best faculty, staff, and administrators; enhance our teaching and learning environment; and expand global and community partnerships.

This website provides practical resources for full-time and part-time faculty within The School of Education.


The School of Education encourages members of the faculty to attend and contribute to professional meetings. Allocations to support faculty travel are provided annually, although, due to the unpredictability of demand, budgeted funds may in some years be insufficient to meet all legitimate needs for assistance. In order to ensure the equitable distribution of travel funds and to manage our fiscal affairs, the following will be effective for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

Each full-time faculty member will be allotted a maximum $1,000 during the fiscal year (June 1 - May 31), depending on funding constraints. This maximum can be reimbursed for a single conference, performance or exhibition or for several smaller ones not to exceed $1,000 for the fiscal year.  To submit a request please follow the procedures outlined in Policy 1019 . In seeking initial approval through Concur, please select Patrick Dunphy from the drop-down menu.

Procedure for preliminary approval:

  • All travel requests must be made in the Concur system
  • These requests should be made 60 days prior to anticipated travel and must include documentation of the content of the conference/seminar and a statement defining your role at the session.
  • Prior to entering your request in Concur you should talk to your Chair about your interest in the conference/seminar and what benefits you expect to receive by attending.
  • You should expect a decision up to 15 working days after the original date of submission. Additional delays in the timeline may be warranted due to incomplete information or unforeseen circumstances.

Additional Research Travel Funds (Dean’s Travel Award)- Up to $750 if funds are available

The Dean’s Office in the School of Education offers travel grants to increase the participation of full-time faculty in presenting their research at prestigious national or international conferences. Faculty seeking this award will be expected to provide evidence of accepted proposals as well as information on acceptance ratio for papers, peer review of submitted papers, and/or other criteria indicating high visibility. This will be in addition to the allocated funds provided to all faculty for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.  The travel grant is also intended to support School of Education students in collaboration with faculty who are presenting a paper or posters at degree-related academic conferences.

Applications will require evidence of accepted proposals from the conference and conferences must occur no earlier than 45 days prior to the date of the conference and only after the preliminary $1,000 award has been granted.

Dean’s Travel Grant Award Procedures

The Dean’s Travel Grant Award Application can be found in Microsoft Team “The School of Education Faculty”. This can be accessed by logging in here and clicking on Teams. Once in the Team click on General and then Files. The online application should be completed in full. Please do not email or print out the form for review. You can anticipate a review of this request within two weeks, although approval could take longer in some instances.

Faculty are encouraged to make reasonably inexpensive travel arrangements. Funding requests should be as accurate as possible as reimbursement will be made only up to the approved amount and normally not to exceed seven days. If costs change significantly before travel (>5%), re-approval is required.

The online application asks for the following information:

  1. How many conferences have you attended so far this academic year?
  2. Name of Conference
  3. Location of Conference
  4. Conference Website
  5. Title of Work you are Presenting
  6. Presentation, Poster, Panel, Other
  7. Are you the primary author of the work?
  8. Evidence of Lead Presenter Status
  9. Itemization of conference costs.
  10. How much are you requesting from the Dean’s Travel Grant?


Faculty success may be viewed in terms of the individual successes of faculty members, as well as the successes of academic units and teams, partnerships within the university, and partnerships with the community.

  • Celebrating faculty success acknowledges, recognizes, and shows appreciation for The School of Education faculty members, encouraging them to pursue excellence, develop professionally, and enjoy working in an environment that understands and values their work.  

  • Celebrating faculty success contributes to the mission of The School of Education, encouraging faculty members to focus on endeavors that are valued by the university mission,  

  • Celebrating faculty success promotes the institution locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally, which boosts public awareness and expands opportunities for partnerships and financial support in its teaching, research, and community engagement.  

Faculty Success can be reported through Digital Measures. Digital Measures is a tool for academic faculty to track in- and out-of-classroom instructional; research; creative; clinical and service activities. By adding our scholarly achievements to this comprehensive repository, Digital Measures will enable you to enter information once for various individual, department, college, and university uses — such as annual faculty activity reports; vitae and bio-sketches for grant applications; accreditation self-studies; and your web profile. For a guide to using Digital Measures click here

Faculty Success will be reviewed monthly by Steve M. Neier, Assistant Dean for Mission, Media & Outreach.  

Are you having trouble with your Digital Measures account please complete this form.

Alternatively you may schedule an appointment to speak to the college’s project support contact. Dr. Edwin Tjoe by clicking here. 


Please follow the official AFAR application provided by the provost office. This is the rubric on how they are reviewed.

Click Here to Download Rubric