Dean of The School of Education

  • David Bell, Ed.D.

Associate Deans

  • Gina Cicco, Ed.D., Associate Dean of Staten Island
  • Andrew Ferdinandi, Ed.D., Interim Associate Dean of Student Success
  • Mary Beth Schaefer, Ed.D., Interim Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research

Assistant Deans

  • Patrick Dunphy, Assistant Dean for Planning and Fiscal Affairs
  • Steven Neier, Assistant Dean for Mission, Media, and Outreach
  • Edwin Tjoe, Ed.D., Assistant Dean for Data Management & elearning


  • Anthony  Annunziato, Ed.D., Director of Long Island Graduate Center
  • Linda Miller, Director of Clinical Field Experiences
  • Lily Scarabino, Interim Director of Certification
  • Mirella Avalos-Louie, Ed.D., Program Director of Alternative Certification

Department Contacts

Interim Chair: Barbara Cozza, Ph.D.

Contact Information

Assistant to the ChairRosaria Cimino718-990-2503
Educational Administration CoordinatorMary Ellen Freeley, Ed.D.718-990-5537
Instructional Leadership CoordinatorBarbara Cozza, Ph.D.718-990-1569
Director of the Non-Public School LeadersRosalba Corrado Del Vecchio, Ed.D.718-990-5277


Chair: Robert Eschenauer, Ph.D.

Contact Information

Assistant to the ChairCatherine Berardi718-990-6455
Bilingual School Counseling CoordinatorMing-hui Li, Ed.D.718-990-2756
School Counseling Program CoordinatorAndrew Ferdinandi, Ed.D.718-990-1561
Clinical Mental Health Counseling CoordinatorHeather Robertson, Ph.D.718-990-2108

Chair:Daniel Ness, Ph.D.

Contact Information 

Graduate Department SecretaryJannette Pincay718-990-5644
Undergraduate Department SecretaryBernadette Zacharuk718-990-2664
Director of Clinical Experiences and PartnershipsLinda Miller718-990-6259
Coordinator RISE ProgramLiz Chase, Ed.D.718-990-2632
Coordinator Undergraduate Childhood and Adolescent ProgramsMichael Downton, Ph.D.718-990-2647
Coordinator Childhood GraduateSmita Guha, Ph.D.718-990-2454
Coordinator Early Childhood Graduate

Bilge Cerezci/Elena Jurasaite-O'Keefe



Chair: Yvonne Pratt-Johnson, Ed.D.

Contact Information

Assistant to the ChairEileen Lewis718-990-1563
Special Education CoordinatorIshita Khemka, Ph.D.718-990-7686
Masters Literacy CoordinatorFrancine Guastello, Ed.D.718-990-1475
Doctoral Literacy CoordinatorEvan Ortlieb, Ph.D.718-990-2136
TESOL CoordinatorJohn Spiridakis, Ph.D.718-990-6406


Contact Information 

Department Contacts[email protected]718-990-2304
Coordinator of Graduate Admission OperationsAdele Rubino718-990-8054
Admission RepresentativeRosa DiLiberto718-990-2303
Office Main Line 718-990-2304