The Collins College of Professional Studies Faculty Research

Research conducted at The Collins College of Professional Studies has grown over the past few years. Below are different areas of research topics our faculty are exploring.

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Elisabeth Fondren

Elisabeth Fondren, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Journalism
Mass Communication

The American Journalism Historians Association awarded Elisabeth Fondren, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Journalism in the Division of Mass Communication at The Lesley H. and William L. Collins College of Professional Studies, a 2020 Joseph McKerns Research Grant to support her ongoing research on twentieth-century journalism and propaganda history. 

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Faculty Research Highlights

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2020 CCPS Faculty Research Forum on Inclusivity and Diversity

The Collins College of Professional Studies research forum, is a series of events, in collaboration with the St. John’s Center for Teaching and Learning, in which the faculty get together to present and discuss their work.


Presenter: Edrex Fontanilla, Collins College of Professional Studies, Mass Communication

Virtual Reality as Empathy Machine: Immersive Media as an Instrument for Social Change

Date: Monday, October 26, 2020

Time: 2:00pm - 3:15pm


Fontanilla's creative practice employs immersive media as an interventional tool, creating low-impact site-specific installations about urban ecology, and educational instruments for social integration of disabilities. In this session, Fontanilla explores the emergent properties of virtual reality that make the expressive form particularly effective in promoting cognitive empathy.

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The meeting link will be sent prior to the event, so please look out for an email from [email protected].


Faculty Experts

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Research Areas

General Research Topics

  • Machine Learning , Artificial Intelligence, Human Robert Interaction and NeuroScience
  • Medical Informatics, Bio-Informatics and Data Mining
  • Social Computing, Computer Science Education and Applications of Computer Science
  • Management of Information Systems
  • Knowledge Management Systems

Department Faculty 

General Research Topics

  • Communication and Culture
  • Feminism and Media
  • Philosophy of Communication And Kiergegaard
  • Computational Communication
  • Cinematic Philosophy
  • Principles of Catholic Social Teaching as Ethical Paradigm in Journalism
  • The Idea of Peacebuilding in the Context of Cyber Warfare
  • The Notion of Identity in a Digital Ecology
  • Internationalization of Ethics vs. Ethics as Being Organically Local
  • Digital Branding

Department Faculty 

General Research Topics

  • Issues in Law Practice, including: Bankruptcy, Corporate Law, Elder Law, Employment Law, Entertainment Law, Estate Planning, Fashion Law, Finance Law, Litigation Procedure, and Real Estate
  • Issues in Law and Public Policy, including: issues of Law and Religion and Issues of Law and Diversity and Inclusion
  • Best practices in Undergraduate Legal Education
  • Best Practices in Career and Pre-Professional Advisement and Development

Department Faculty 

General Research Topics

  • Economics of Intercollegiate Sport
  • Sports and Popular Culture
  • Sport Analytics and Statistics
  • Sport and Disability
  • Sport for Economic Development and Social Justice

Department Faculty