Physician Assistant White Coat Convocation

The Physician Assistant White Coat Convocation Ceremony will be held in Spring 2021.

Students, families and guests  are invited to watch from the individual ceremony page, listed below.

Video will be posted day of ceremony.

White Coat Convocation

The White Coat Convocation is a symbolic rite of passage for students of the healing arts. For the physician assistant student, it signifies a professional relationship with other colleagues who provide healthcare services. This ceremony reaffirms the medical community’s support of the educational process that prepares future health providers for practice. On this day, students pledge their commitment to the physician assistant profession and the health of the patients they serve. Contributing to the care and healing of others is a privilege and a responsibility. The White Coat worn by each physician assistant student is more than a familiar lab coat: it is a cloak of caring, compassion, and service.

View the Ceremony Program (PDF) 

Physician Assistant Oath of Commitment

As I embark upon a course of study in the physician assistant profession, I will

  • Enter into a relationship of mutual respect with my teachers and my colleagues to enhance the learning environment and gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a good physician assistant.
  • Accept responsibility only for those matters for which I am competent, maintain the trust expected of a physician assistant, and never take advantage of the patient–provider relationship.
  • Respect the patient’s right to privacy.
  • Value the knowledge of the physician assistants who have preceded me and endeavor to contribute to the tradition of the physician assistant profession.
  • Recognize my weaknesses and strengths and strive to develop those qualities that will earn the respect of my patients, my colleagues, my family, and myself.
  • Commit myself to continue this learning throughout my professional life.


The faculty, administrators, and staff of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences wish to extend our congratulations to the Physician Assistant Class of 2022.

Kaila Adrian
Eric Aita
Adrian Argudo
Dennis Baidoo
Brian Balsamo
Nicholas Baumann
Teresa Bebirian
Andrea Bernstein
Christian Blais
Dmitriy Brener
Jia Min Chen
Tiffany Cheng
Diana Colgan
Grace Condori
Alyssa Curcie
Alana Donnelly
Jenna Ferrante
Kathryn Fink
Navjot Gill
James Goehl
Rita Guglielmo
Susan Gutekunst
Kasey Harrington
Aya Hassanien
William Hudson
Charisma James
William Jutt
Josephine Kallah
Dimple Khanna
Becky Kong
Trifon LaMora
Timothy Lau
Lucas Levin
Zachary Levy
Jorge Lima
Kevin Londono
Allison Luntz
Vicky Luo
Randy Martinez
Jenna Martino
Ashley Marx
Michael Mayorga
David McCalla
Deana Mustafa
Lilly Noor
Wendy Ochoa
Shaili Patel
Niki Patel
Saima Patel
Joseph Radigan
Barney Rao
Mousumi Reja
Tiffany Santiago
Gina Scandaglia
Antoinette Schuppe
Samah Shaikh
Jason Simonides
Claudia Slutzky
Jenny Tapang
Joseph Tetonic
Salina Torres
Ni-Asia Twiggs
Gabriela Velez
Stephanie Vidal
Taylor Virone
Meagan Walls
Braden Williams
Alyssa Williams
Daniela Winter
Samuel Yakhya
Chelsea Yanowiak
Belinda Yu