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Rabinowicz KT (Knowledge Translation) Lab


The KT Lab is a hub for collaboration among diverse individuals who are focused on improving the utilization of research, evidence-informed practices, and policy in real-world settings. The diversity of membership provides a foundation for exploring solutions to problems identified in the areas of health care, population health, and social injustice.

It provides a space—a social context—for learning, networking, and strengthening relationships among faculty, community partners, researchers, and students. It is where connections are built within and across systems. Through diverse perspectives, ideas and solutions can flourish and lead to innovative solutions in the areas of health care, population health, and social justice. 

“To have a positive effect on health outcomes, the professional education subsystem must design new instructional and institutional strategies. 

The KT Lab strives to develop innovative approaches for preparing faculty, future graduates, researchers, and community partners to engage in evidence-based strategies that support the movement of scientific knowledge into practice. 

Mission Statement 

To create a KT Lab that serves as a hub for collaboration among individuals who are focused on improving the utilization and impact of research findings, evidence-informed practices, and policy recommendations in real-world settings. 

To cultivate a social space for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and research that will advance the practice and science of knowledge translation/implementation science.

To build faculty members, researchers, students, and community partners’ capacity for maximizing the impact that research and evidence have on health care, policy, technology transfer, and service.

To prepare graduates of St. John’s University for leadership roles in developing the physical and social structures that support implementation of evidence-based practices within health-care organizations.


Interprofessional teams that explore solutions to real-world problems identified in the areas of health care, population health, and social injustice.

Creating meaningful change that is reflective of the voices, experiences, and needs of diverse members of society.

Relationship building across and within the St. John’s academic community and local communities.

Transformative learning that develops leadership attributes and prepares the interprofessional student body for their role in national and global health-care systems.


St. John’s University will be recognized as a KT-centered University that advances the fields of knowledge translation and implementation science. Knowledge translation/implementation science will be threaded across the pillars of scholarship, teaching and learning, and service as a means for optimizing social and health outcomes for all members of society.


Virtual: Susan Rabinowicz Personal WebEx Room


Susan Rabinowicz, PT, DPT, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor/Industry Professional
Department of Clinical Health Professions
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
St. Augustine Hall, Room B-44
Phone: 718-990-8467
[email protected]

The following are resources to learn more about the KT Lab and knowledge translation and implementation science.

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Interested in being a member of the KT Lab please contact Susan Rabinowicz