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Message from the Chair


We invite you to see our many course offerings, how they reflect the rich diversity of St. John's students (whether Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, or Muslim) and the many dimensions of theological and religious interest. Most of them are Catholic, fulfilling the mission statement of the university -Catholic, Vincentian, and Metropolitan. Our courses reflect a Catholic identity, but do so in keeping with St. Vincent's message of loving concern for the poor and marginalized of society. Not only do they reflect a Christian identity, they do so with respect to the concrete experience of life in America's largest city. They also reflect an appreciation of other religious traditions, but do so with respect to an appreciation of an international global perspective.

We also invite you to see how the faculty represents the diversity of St. John's. They are men and women, lay and religious, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, personally and professionally committed to the university's mission. They are scholars and teachers, expressing that commitment in a search for systematic appreciation of theological and religious issues. Their respective areas of expertise are expressed in their research, publication and teaching.

Professor Christopher Vogt