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Parvez Mohsin '01C, '05G

Director of St. John’s Dr. M. T. Geoffrey Yeh Art Gallery

“I have brought art to St. John’s University from all over the globe.  These exhibits enrich the St. John’s community and further the mission,” says Parvez Mohsin ’01C, ’05G Professor of Fine Arts and Director of St. John’s Dr. M. T. Geoffrey Yeh Art Gallery. Born in Bangladesh and having spent most of his childhood between London, England; South America; and the United States, Professor Mohsin grew up with a fond appreciation for different cultures and backgrounds: “I was attracted to St. John’s mission of service to its multicultural and inclusive campus community because I come from a diverse background, growing up between Eastern and Western cultures.”

Professor Mohsin says his father influenced him to become an educator: “Growing up in a household with a father who was a university professor, education was always at the forefront of my childhood.  I began teaching educational courses in Venezuela shortly after I graduated college.” Once he moved to New York, Professor Mohsin discovered his passion for the arts, “My interest in art came to fruition once I came to New York.  While I was an international student at St. John's University many of my classmates and professors were the equivalent to my support system at home.”

Professor Mohsin is responsible for the planning and organization of the University’s art exhibits which all focus on the embodiment of the Vincentian mission: “The most interesting part of working at St. John’s is developing the Dr. M. T. Geoffrey Yeh Art Gallery into a nationally recognized gallery.  By working with the Department of Fine Arts and the University’s administration, we have brought in world renowned artists from all over the world.”

It was a class with Professor Paul Fabozzi that inspired Professor Mohsin to become an art gallery director: “Professor Fabozzi shook our foundation of knowledge in regard to the arts and opened a wide possibility of exciting employment opportunities in the art world. He urged his students to question facts that were seemingly obvious, so when we looked deeper we discovered an intricate pattern that connected the arts with major societal issues such as politics, finance, ethics and philosophy.”

As part of his commitment to the University’s mission, Professor Mohsin constantly makes an effort to reach out to the poor and disadvantaged. In 2007, he traveled to Vietnam to highlight artists that would typically never have an opportunity to exhibit their work in the west, “The union between St. John’s and Vietnam has helped even the poorest of artists have a voice and be heard.”

Professor Mohsin hopes that his passion for the arts is expressed through his teaching: “The arts is a very competitive field of work. I always encourage my students to work hard and follow their passions.  I also encourage them to be persistent and always maintain focus.”