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Jomaire Crawford

Aspiring lawyer, Jomaire Crawford ’09C believes her decision to major in English was the right one, “I always knew that I wanted to go to law school after college and because studying English helps cultivate both analytical and communication skills, I felt that it would be the best pre-law major that I could have chosen. I am highly satisfied with the results.”

Once Jomaire graduates from St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, she plans to immediately enroll in law school and become the first lawyer in her family, “I will be the first in my immediate family to receive a bachelor’s degree and I hope to one day become the first lawyer in my family.”

A student population full of diverse cultures and backgrounds is what initially attracted Jomaire to the University, but the engaging nature of the faculty is what Jomaire feels has made her experience at St. John’s worthwhile: “The faculty here is amazing! I’ve encountered so many professors who have a genuine interest in my future. It feels good to be accepted by people who I consider to be intellectual powerhouses.”

In order to hone her analytical and communication skills, Jomaire joined the University’s Mock Trial team: “My experience on the Mock Trial Team has been extremely rewarding, even though these rewards certainly do not come easy. I spend at least 10 hours each week practicing with my partner to ensure that we are fully prepared for each competition.”

In addition to Mock Trial, Jomaire is also a member of the Honors Program, as well as a Writing Consultant in the Institute for Writing Studies’ Writing Center and likes to spend her free time giving back to the community, “Because service is one of the principal focuses of the Vincentian mission, I have chosen to give back by participating in events like Service Day and with organizations like Habitat for Humanity.”

So where does this future lawyer hope to be in 10 years? “In 10 years I plan on continuing to do what I love – reading, writing, researching, analyzing, learning and teaching others.”