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Clement Anozie ’17C

Major: Biology
Hometown: Houston, TX
Treating Those in Need with Dignity

Why did you choose to become active in service?

I have my mother to thank for that. Her philosophy was ‘Charity starts at home.’ She instilled in me that no matter how much or how little time we have, we can always give something back to the communities that we belong to. As the oldest of five children, I did a lot of service work with her, and it inspired me to make a similar impact on the world.

What appeals to you most about the University mission?

Being Vincentian means being an advocate for the marginalized. The Vincentian ideology is centered on the service of those in need because we are all created in the image of Christ, and we should be treated—and treat others—as such.

What have you learned from someone you’ve helped?

The most important thing I’ve learned is that we need to cherish the little things in life. The people we help are so grateful for the material items they’re given; but above all, they value the time you spend and the conversations you have with them. They just want to be treated with dignity.”