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Alyssa-Rae Hug

Applying to St. John’s was a last minute decision for Alyssa-Rae Hug ’13C. “Most of the schools I applied to were much farther away from home,” says Alyssa-Rae, a 19 year old from Long Island, New York. “So my mother encouraged me to apply to a local school – just in case.”

Born and raised on the Island, Alyssa-Rae always wanted an out-of-state college experience. But when she decided to visit St. John’s, she found the campus environment was enough to make her reconsider. 

“I decided to visit St. John’s and shadow a student for a day,” recalls Alyssa-Rae. “I fell in love with the look and feel of the campus, and the people I met were very friendly and welcoming. The students walking around campus seemed genuinely happy to be there. I instantly imagined myself living, working, and playing there.”

Alyssa-Rae is now a proud member of the St. John’s community and says she has never regretted her decision to remain close to home.

“I am involved in the Leadership, Education and Development (LEAD) and Women in Leadership programs,” says Alyssa-Rae who is majoring in government and politics and English. I just became a member of the Francophone Club and the Student-Alumni Association. As of recently, I work as a consultant in the Queens Campus Writing Center – I feel like I was destined to be here.”

Being involved on campus has also paved the way for opportunities outside of St. John’s. Alyssa-Rae completed an internship last summer at the Department of Investigation. She learned about the internship from a faculty mentor when she attended a LEAD networking event.

“The Department of Investigation internship gave me an idea of what career I might like, provided me with the opportunity to make connections in the industry and was an amazing addition to my resume,” says Alyssa-Rae.

Alyssa-Rae has yet to decide if she wants to become a lawyer, a professor or work for the Department of Investigation after she graduates, but the University’s offers a number of resources – from the School of Law to the Career Center, to help students attain their life-long goals.

“Even though I haven’t made up my mind on what I would like to do when I graduate, I’m not worried,” explains Alyssa-Rae. “The University has something for everyone no matter what you’re interested in!”