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Praxis Information

The School Psychology Programs require passing of the PRAXIS examination as part of the degree requirement.

The PRAXIS exam (which is a required part of the STJ comprehensive exam taken in the 3rd year) will be changing:

Educational Testing Service (ETS) recently announced the release of a new version of the Praxis School Psychologist test (5402) which will be administered beginning in September, 2014. The new test has been revised to align more closely with the NASP 2010 Standards and will be offered exclusively as a computer-delivered exam unless accommodations for disabilities are necessary. ETS consulted with NASP during the initial stages of development to ensure that the exam reflects current national standards.

The 2-hour-and-20-minute test contains 140 selected-response items covering four main content areas of the NASP Practice Model:

  • Professional Practices, Practices that Permeate All Aspects of Service and Delivery (approximately 42 items)
  • Direct and Indirect Services for Children, Families, and Schools (Student-Level Services) (approximately 32 items)
  • System-Level Services (approximately 22 items)
  • Foundations of School Psychological Service Delivery (approximately 44 items)

Each exam will contain pretest items that do not contribute to the candidate’s score.

As recommended by the standard setting panel, the passing score set by NASP for the new exam is 147 (on a 100-200 reporting scale). This is a change from the previous passing score of 165. But it does not mean it is easier. The content of the test has changed; therefore, scores from the previous exam should not be compared to scores from the new exam. The passing score is expressed in terms of a scaled score (on a 100-200 scale) and not in terms of the raw score (i.e., number of items answered correctly on a particular form of the test).

So…what does it mean for STJ students?
Entering classes starting fall 2013 will be required to take the next exam and achieve a passing grade of 147.

To register for the PRAXIS II School Psychology please go to the ETS website. Registration is $115 and the test time is two and a half hours. The test dates are as follows:

  • June 7, 2014
  • September 2014
  • November 2014
  • March 2015

Please note that ETS will need to send the designated institution score report.
Designated Score Recipient code is RA2799 St Johns U NY Marillac.
Attending Institution code is A2845 St Johns U NY.