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Information for Current Students

Student Forms
First-year students will find the required research and community service contracts and logs. The contracts are due at the beginning of the year, whereas the logs are due once the hours have been completed. Make sure you return these to Marillac SB36.

Before beginning your dissertation, be sure to check the dissertation procedures. Important dissertation forms are available on the School Forms page.

Third and fourth-year students use Time2Track to keep track of externship hours. The monthly totals (table and pie chart) are due to Marillac SB36 the first week after the end of the month for the previous month. They must be signed by the student and the supervisor. Hours do not count for forms that are not returned on time. Students are required to complete at least 750 hours each year on externship.

Fourth-year students will find the application for fifth year internship.

General Information for Students
School psychologists are eligible for loan forgiveness after working in a public school setting for ten years. Please see the information provided by NASP, below.

All entering students receive a student handbook and should take the time to carefully read through them. Students are responsible for knowing all information and for following all the procedures contained in their respective handbook. Information such as course sequence, planning forms, program philosophies, program policies, evaluation forms, contracts, and much more can be found in the handbooks. Please note that each entering class has its own handbook. 

Doctor of Psychology Handbook

Finding Psychological Measures and Manipulations

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