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Bilingual Track

Certification as a Bilingual Psychologist   
To obtain certification as a bilingual school psychologist in NY State, a student must pass the NYS bilingual tests (Language Proficiency Assessments). Both foreign and American born students must take the Target Language Proficiency Assessment (TLPA), which verifies second language competency. Foreign born students must also take the English Language Proficiency Assessment for Nonclassroom Personnel (ELPA-N), which verifies English language competency. Both tests are administered by National Evaluation Systems under contract with the New York State Education Department.

Be aware that NYS does not have a TLPA for every language and does not offer bilingual certification for every language. Thus, students should make sure that the target language they are interested in is one for which the NYS certification is available.

More detailed information on bilingual certification and the requisite testing is available online at the New York State Education Department website: Students can also contact the State Department directly by telephone at 518-474-3901.

Enrollment in the Bilingual Track
Students must obtain approval from the Program Director to enroll in the bilingual track. Enrollment in the bilingual track is not contingent upon passing the NYS bilingual certification exams. Students are expected to take the NYSTC exam in the first semester of attendance prior to taking PSY 661B.  Bilingual track students who do not have the NYSTC exam credentials are still eligible to take the coursework for the bilingual track. Such students will become certified as monolingual school psychologists and can then apply the diversity training and education received toward whatever population they choose to work with. Bilingual courses can also be taken by students not officially in the bilingual track; however, students must obtain permission from the Program Director.

The curriculum requirements for the bilingual school psychology program meet the requirements for Bilingual Certification by the NYS Education Department in the following manner:

  1. Twelve courses (36 credits) in the general school psychology program are also required of students in the bilingual program.
  2. The following four courses in the program were altered to reflect material required by the New York State Department of Education for Bilingual Certification:
    • Developmental Psychology (PSY 623) includes more discussion of cross-cultural perspectives in child development.
    • Interviewing and Case Formulation (PSY 666) includes readings in counseling and interviewing culturally diverse children.
    • Child and Adolescent Personality Assessment I (PSY 671) includes instruction on the use of a new personality test standardized with African American and Hispanic youth (the TEMAS).
    • School Psychology Internship Seminar I (PSY 752B) includes instruction on the State Education Department’s regulations concerning the assessment and placement of bilingual children.
  3. Practicum I & II (PSY 761B & 762B) provides students in their second year (prior to their internship) practicum experience in serving bilingual children and their families. These courses are similar in structure to the courses taken by the regular school psychology program (PSY 761 & 762), except that students in these courses are supervised by a bilingual school psychologist and are trained to provide school psychological services to bilingual children and their families.
  4. Three courses (9 credits) are also required for students in the bilingual program. These include: "Psychoeducational Assessment of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Children" (PSY 662B), "Cultural Diversity in Psychological Services" (PSY 627), and "Psycholinguistics and the Practice of School Psychology with Bilingual Populations" (PSY 729). 

First Year Fall Semester

608Statistical Design in Research3 credits
661Psychoeducational Assessment I3 credits
665Introduction to School Psychology3 credits
617Cognitive & Affective Basis of Behavior3 credits
 12 credits

First Year Spring Semester

614Multivariate Analysis for Psychological Research3 credits
662BPsychoeducational Assessment of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Children3 credits
666Interviewing Skills for Counseling and Consultation3 credits
671Child & Adolescent Personality Assessment I3 credits
Total credits after the first year 24 credits

Second Year Fall Semester

715Assessment3 credits
Either726 - Psychopathology Across the Lifespan I or
727 - Psychopathology Across the Lifespan II  
3 credits
761BPsychological Assessment Practicum I - Bilingual3 credits
749Behavior Therapy: Assessment, Treatment & Consultation3 credits
729Psycholinguistics & Practice of School Psychologists with Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Populations3 credits
 39 credits

Second Year Spring Semester

759 Psychometrics3 credits
648Physiological Psychology3 credits
716Psychoeducational Consultation3 credits

726 - Psychopathology Across the Lifespan I or
727 - Psychopathology Across the Lifespan II

3 credits
762BPsychological Assessment Practicum II - Bilingual3 credits
 54 credits

Second Year Summer Semester

763Psychological Intervention Practicum I3 credits
850Cognitive Psychotherapies3 credits
Total credits after the second year60 credits

Third Year Fall Semester

615Research Methods in School Psychology3 credits
624Developmental Psychology3 credits
752BSchool Psychology Internship Seminar I: Professional Issues3 credits
764Psychological Intervention Practicum II3 credits
 72 credits

Third Year Spring Semester

627Cultural Diversity in Psychological Services3 credits
753School Psychology Internship Seminar II: Psychological Interventions3 credits
765Psychological Intervention Practicum III3 credits
 Elective 3 credits
Total credits after the third year 84 credits

Fourth Year Fall Semester

722Social Basis of Behavior3 credits
754School Psychology Internship Seminar III3 credits
 Elective3 credits
 93 credits

Fourth Year Spring Semester

650History and Systems3 credits
755School Psychology Internship Seminar IV3 credits
 Elective3 credits
950Doctoral Research3 credits
Total credits after the fourth year and for completion of degree requirements and completion of course requirements for the degree105 credits

Fifth Year Fall Semester

905Internship I0 credits
950Doctoral Research0 credits
 105 credits

Fifth Year Spring Semester

906Internship II0 credits
950Doctoral Research0 credits
Total credits for completion of degree requirements and completion of course requirements for the degree105 credits