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Mathematical Physics, Bachelor of Science

BS Mathematical Physics
120 Credits
St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Queens Campus


The program prepares majors with the necessary technical knowledge and skills, intellectual curiosity, and ethical awareness to become life long learners who contribute to society. Mathematical Physics is especially suitable preparation for careers requiring analytical and computational representations of physical, biological, and economic systems.

This program will prepare graduates to:

Demonstrate understanding and application of fundamental physical laws and concepts.

  • Apply fundamental physical principles to the solution of problems presented in mathematical and verbal forms.
  • Calculate standard problems in fundamental subjects including mechanics, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics, wave motion and modern physics.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in laboratory procedures.

Communicate scientific work effectively in writing and speaking.

  • Write accurate and analytical laboratory reports.
  • Analyze and respond effectively to qualitative questions.
  • Present effective oral and written reports in course and research projects.

Utilize computers for computation and simulation.

  • Perform computer-assisted calculations to solve differential equations and sets of linear equations.
  • Demonstrate ability to model physical systems digitally.

Demonstrate preparedness for transition to the next career step.

  • Explore and report career options
  • Explore and report opportunities for specialized training
  • Determine graduate school and/or professional school requirements and possible future options

Demonstrate the ability to participate in society as a scientifically literate citizen

  • Apply concepts and viewpoints to world issues and various aspects of life utilizing scientific thought, reasoning and knowledge.
  • Recognize major emerging societal issues in order to be in a position to contribute to resolution of future challenges.



Office of Admission
St. John’s University
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, NY 11439
1 (888) 9STJOHNS
[email protected]


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Eligible physics students have access to a wide range of academic and professional opportunities through the Sigma Pi Sigma honor society.

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