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Italian, Bachelor of Arts



Studying Italian at St. John's University allows you to acquire a command of the Italian language as well as to learn about Italy's culture through a wide selection of courses, personalized classes, engaged faculty member who are experts in their fields, and Academic Service-Learning (AS-L), internship, and study abroad opportunities. 

You can major or minor in Italian or prepare for an international career by pursuing a double major in Italian and another field of study. Pursuing one of our internship opportunities will also help you gain experience using your language skills in a professional setting. 


Florence Russo
Annalisa Saccà

Department Contacts

Alina Camacho-Gingerich, Ph.D.
Chair, Languages and Literatures
[email protected]

Annalisa Saccà, Ph.D.
Assistant Chair, Languages and Literatures
[email protected]


For more information, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission.


Career Outcomes

Italian is among the world's five most studied foreign languages and one of the four official languages of NASA. Italy has 60 percent of the world cultural and artistic heritage, according to UNESCO, and it is first in the world in the culinary arts, interior design, fashion design, and graphic design. It is also a world leader in automotive, robotics and aerospace. Italian language skills create opportunities for students around the world in fields such as the arts, international business, education, journalism, fashion industries, homeland security, and hospitality management.

Since language skills complement other fields of study, student in the major are encouraged to double major and minor in areas such as: International Business, Business Administration, International Communication, and Hospitality Management. Combined degree programs are also available.



Italian majors and minors have the opportunity to enroll in a six-credit semester-long internship in Italy (or a three-credit internship in the summer) through a state-of-the-art program in collaboration with various agencies in Rome, including: the Ministry of Health; the Museo of Rome; La Sapienza University; refugee centers; the United Nations (UN) offices in Rome; the Italian Chamber of Commerce; and the Rome Center for Professional Training. Speech-Language Pathology and Psychology double majors will also find opportunities at the Centro Poliambulatoriale di Ricerca (CPR). 

Internships opportunities in various fields also include:

Art: Excavation sites in Ostia antica; graphic designers’ studios; the Polmone Pulsante Gallery and Cultural Center; Museo di Roma; Societa` di produzione cinematografica.

Biology and Chemistry: La Sapienza University laboratories; Confindustria; pharmacies, private clinics, and veterinary facilities.

Business: Marketing firms dealing with tourism and the environment; insurance agencies; accounting firms; the Italian Chamber of Commerce. 

Communications: Magazines; television; public relations. 

Government and Politics: Political campaigns

Homeland Security: Unions specializing in homeland security and international relations

Hospitality Management: Hotels and resturants throughout Rome

Law: Law firms and nonprofit organizations specializing in legal issues

Public Relations: Travel consultancy firms

Social Sciences: Governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) specializing in immigration, refugees, and the environment

Speech-Language Pathology and Psychology: Centro Poliambulatoriale di Ricerca (CPR)

Global Approach to Education

Study Abroad Program in Italy
Students at St. John’s benefit from an amazing variety of study abroad opportunities. The program at St. John’s beautiful Rome Campus is especially popular. There, you can attend class during a regular semester or a summer session. Living in apartments near Vatican City, students travel to Florence and the Tuscan countryside, Assisi, Pompeii, Naples, and Paestum. For more information, visit Global Studies.

Internships and Service-Learning in Italy 
In collaboration with the Comunita di Sant’Egidio, Caritas, Sisters of Charities and the Missionaries Idente, students may enroll in a service-learning program in Rome.

Internships are also available in Rome in such diverse settings as art galleries, businesses, government offices, and hospitals, allowing students to strengthen their knowledge of Italian while gaining practical knowledge in their career field. Eligible students are in their third year and have completed ITA 3110 or ITA 3080. For more information about Italian-speaking internships and service-learning opportunities, contact Annalisa Saccà, Ph.D., at [email protected].

Additional Information

The Italian Cultural Center provides scholarships for students who major in the language and who study abroad in Rome, in addition to many other resources. Students of Italian heritage can also find applicable scholarships through the Center.

Italian Honor Society 
The Gamma Kappa Alpha Chapter at St. John's University was founded by Gaetano Cipolla, Professor Emeritus of Italian, in 1984.  Florence Russo, Ph.D., is the current coordinator for the Honor Society.

The Gamma Kappa Alpha National Italian Honor Society acknowledges superior scholastic performance in the field of Italian language, literature and culture at institutions of higher learning in the United States and Canada.

The Society encourages students to acquire a greater interest in, and a deeper understanding of, Italian culture, art, and history. Scholarships are offered by the national chapter to outstanding undergraduate students of Italian on an annual basis.
Applications for Spring induction to the Honor Society are available in January and are due in early March. For more information and for the membership application, please contact Dr. Russo at [email protected].

Arba Sicula
Arba Sicula, an organization that promotes the language and culture of Sicily, holds regular cultural events on campus and publishes a Sicilian-English journal under the auspices of St. John’s University. For more information, please contact Gaetano Cipolla, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, at [email protected].

Global Language and Culture Center
The Global Language and Culture Center (GLCC) is a state-of-the-art language resource center where students can come and start practicing one or several of the languages currently offered at St. John’s University. Students do not have to be currently registered in a language course to use the GLCC.