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Government and Politics/Library and Information Science, Master of Arts/Master of Science

Government and Politics/Library and Information Science
57 Credits
St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Queens Campus


The combination of the M.A. Government in Politics and M.S. Library and Information Science provides students with the opportunity to integrate two complementary bodies of knowledge. The graduate program in government and politics supplements the library science degree allowing students to broaden and deepen their understanding of the governmental structure, institutions, public administration, and political and legal processes, while simultaneously mastering contemporary means of accessing and managing related information.

Department Contact
James Vorbach, Ph.D., Director of Library and Information Science
St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
St. Augustine Hall, Room 408B
[email protected]


Please see the requirement chart for the academic progression criteria in this dual degree program.

Admissions Requirement
Students must meet the requirements of admission to both master’s programs. A minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 and at least 18 credits in government and politics or political science are necessary to indicate ability for advanced degree work.

Admissions Contact
Office of Graduate Admission
[email protected]


Career Outcomes

The rapid transformation fueled by technological innovation and ever-evolving societal expectations for information are creating new opportunities for information professionals. The combination of the M.A. Government in Politics and M.S. Library and Information Science provides students with immense job opportunities from two complementary disciplines. This dual degree program at St. John’s prepares you for emerging job opportunities in a variety of traditional and non-traditional settings:

  • Archives, museums, and record centers
  • Corporate, business, and legal organizations
  • Government and non-governmental (NGO) institutions
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Post-secondary institutions
  • Public libraries

In our commitment to prepare you for the evolving workforce, this dual degree program will develop your expertise in some of the most sought-after job skills involving collaboration, communication, knowledge management, advocacy, research, and project management.

The current employment trends indicate that government organizations expanded their job postings by 20% in recent years. In keeping with these emerging trends, this dual degree program prepares you for a number of positions in a variety of government and public administration organizations. Some examples of positions include:

  • Communications Specialist
  • Conflicts Analyst
  • Data Control Analyst
  • Document Control Analyst
  • Litigation Intelligence Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Research Analyst
  • Research Librarian

While enrolled in the program, you’ll be able to gain real-world experience through an internship, which most employers look for on an applicant’s resume. St. John’s maintains relationships with host sites throughout New York City and beyond to help you find an internship placement that suits your unique interests and career goals.

To help you start your career and succeed, we offer resume, cover letter, and interview workshops through University Career Services. Our department also notifies current students and alumni regularly of internship and job opportunities in the field through our blog.