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Math and Computer Science

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is dedicated to the preparation of students for the future, which is rapidly changing today. Since 1870 the faculty associated with our department have been developing curricula to help students experience and sustain a taste for a mathematics through challenging their curiosity, employing their inventive facilities and enjoying together with them the triumph of discovery. The rigorous approach to mathematics initiated by Euclid is still the base of department’s curricula today as well as modern topics. Contemporary mathematics is continuously being shaped by the needs of modern society. Sustaining the planet’s environment, transforming natural resources and enabling social synergy requires knowledge in math, applied probability, optimization, simulation, statistics, and related areas. 

Our faculty members strive to provide an outstanding learning environment for our students and are actively engaged in research. The Department’s research activities are diverse, spanning from pure to applied mathematics and computer science and include analysis, algebra, differential geometry, functional analysis, topology, computer science, and applied math. Faculty members belong to many professional societies and organizations. They give invited lectures and interact with area high schools teacher’s communities through participation in schools scientific events like Mathematics Fairs.

Unique Characteristics of the Program
The program offers considerable student-faculty contact. A low student-to-faculty ratio encourages the sustained interest and individual student progress. By encompassing knowledge in both Mathematics and Computer Science, the department offers a unique compound outlook on modern Mathematics with additional concentration in Computer Science. Seminars and excellent selection of library acquisitions provide trouble-free access to the classical and the latest research results.