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In order to receive your Master of Science degree in Library and Information Science, you are required to submit an e-Portfolio that serves as an end of program assessment. The e-Portfolio will also help you showcase your work to future potential employers. It includes a professional philosophy, resume, and artifacts from coursework with reflections that document proficiency in the program’s eight goals:

    1. Develop an understanding of the foundations of the profession;

    2. Develop an understanding of information resources;

    3. Demonstrate ability to organize recorded knowledge and information;

    4. Apply technological knowledge and skills to practice;

    5. Apply reference and user services;

    6. Master research methods;

    7. Experience continuing education and lifelong learning; and

    8. Apply key concepts of administration and management.

Refer to the Program Goals and Outcomes for a complete overview.

You must submit your e-Portfolio for evaluation in either your last semester of coursework or the semester immediately following. We encourage you to build your e-Portfolio throughout your program of study. Digication is the platform used to create e-Portfolios.