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The M.S. Library and Information Science program at St. John’s is guided by its vision of an evolving, quality program for information professionals that recognizes and adapts to change and is responsive to a dynamic market.

Assessment Plan

To assess student learning outcomes, the Division of Library and Information Science developed an ongoing review framework. Direct measures (e.g. e-portfolios, course artifact assessment) and indirect measures (e.g. alumni two-year-out survey, annual student survey, career outcomes survey, employer survey, exit survey, new student survey) are incorporated. All constituents (students, faculty, alumni and employers) are included in one or more measures.

This comprehensive assessment plan consists of: the annual cycle of measures and advisory meetings; a list of the program goals and learning outcomes; and descriptions of the assessment measures and two advisory boards. The plan was approved in March 2015 and revised in September 2017.

Annual Assessment Reports

Immediately following the assessment cycle, the Division of Library and Information Science produces a comprehensive assessment report with specific data points highlighting student achievement, analyzing the results, and summarizing the advisory board meetings. The reports are available below.

2017-2018 Assessment Report
2016-2017 Assessment Report
2015-2016 Assessment Report
2014-2015 Assessment Report

End-of-Program Assessment

Since 2013, an e-Portfolio has served as the end-of-program assessment. The main section of the e-Portfolio is the Program Goals section, in which students provide evidence from their coursework that they have satisfied each of the eight program goals. Students write a reflection for each goal section describing how the artifact (assignment or project) satisfies the respective goal, the lessons they have learned, and any changes they would make in approaching the assignment if they were to repeat it. Students submit E-Portfolios three times each year to coincide with the summer, fall, and spring graduation cycle. The most recent e-Portfolio assessment report is available below.

E-Portfolio Assessment

2017-2018 Assessment Measures

The results of each 2017-2018 assessment measure are available below. Please note that open questions in surveys are redacted.

Alumni Two-Year Out Survey
Annual Student Survey
Career Outcomes Survey
Employer Survey
Exit Survey
New Student Survey
Course Artifact Assessment