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Alumni and Partners

We encourage our alumni to maintain their relationship with the program by mentoring current students, sharing their professional achievements, and making contributions to endowed scholarship funds that help the next generation of librarians and information specialists succeed.


The Division of Library and Information Science offers a mentoring program that partners Library and Information Science alumni with current students to share professional experiences related to the student’s area of specialization.

Professional Achievements

We also look forward to news of our alumni’s professional achievements, awards, and appointments and circulate this information through our Division e-mail newsletter. Please let us know of your career milestones so that we can acknowledge your success and inspire future alumni.

Contributions to Endowed Scholarships

Many of our alumni have benefited from the generous scholarship funds that have helped them finance their graduate education at St. John’s. These funds depend upon the continued support of our alumni and include the Rev. Brian J. O’Connell, C.M. Scholarship and the Mildred Lowe Memorial Scholarship Fund. Please contact us to support one or more of these vital funds, or to contribute funds toward events, receptions, awards, and program development.

If you wish to participate in the mentoring program, share professional achievements, or make a donation, please contact the Director, Dr. James Vorbach, at 718-990-6200 or [email protected]