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Liberal Studies

The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (M.A.L.S.) provides a multidisciplinary graduate opportunity to the intellectually curious through the study of interdisciplinary themes that draw from various academic disciplines.

There are four tracks in the M.A.L.S. program:

  • Humanities
  • Social Science
  • Cultural Studies
    concentration in Women's and Gender Studies
  • Innovative Research 

The program is designed to provide a basis for a number of professional goals; it is not designed to duplicate or replace the specialized disciplinary training required for earning a Ph.D., though it is an excellent preparation for such training. The program is especially suited for the working professsional seeking to expand his or her horizons.

Department Contact
Rev. Jean-Pierre Ruiz, S.T.D.
Director, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies
Tel: 718-990-1393
Fax: 718-990-5726
[email protected]