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Languages and Literatures

The Department of Languages and Literatures offers programs of study both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

On the undergraduate level, four degree-granting programs are available:

In addition to these degree-granting programs, a wide range of undergraduate courses in Ancient and Modern Greek, Latin, Biblical and Modern Hebrew, Hindi, German, Linguistics, Russian, Arabic, and Classical studies are also available as well as minors within the department.

Interdisciplinary majors and minors with the School of Education and the Peter J. Tobin College of Business are available in French, Italian and Spanish.

For a full immersion experience in the culture of choice, the Department strongly encourages students to take advantage of its Study Abroad Programs in Argentina, France, Greece, Italy and Spain.

On the graduate level a Master of Arts in Spanish is also available.The Department regularly offers reading courses in French and German for graduate students in other disciplines.